ideal CH weather the man in the moon gets CH !!!!!!

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Posted by cranky yankee ( on January 19, 2000 at 15:07:51:

well, it's been right around 0-F, and even colder at night, for several days now-
actually, this afternoon we're having a heat wave - it's a whopping 12F degrees out, people running around in cutoffs & tanktops-
but they promise it's gonna go back to "normal" tonight and get REALLY cold over the weekend

doncha know THAT chills down the old head,
and concentrates the oxygen-
a little hyperventilation at that temp works darn near as well as O2 !!!!

attack pacing the clearing at 2 AM, by moonlight, 5 below, in a nightshirt & down vest, no hat - just about balances a #3 attack
that is until another piece of frozen ear snaps off !

it's not bad really, at least when I remember to put on my slippers before I go out

clue for you southerners-
it gets so cold that when you're outside at night you hear what sounds like small arms fire in the woods-
it's tree bark explosively splitting from the expansion of the freezing sap underneath

three nights ago it was 5F below zero with a sustained wind of about 30 mph all night
the calculated "wind chill" factor was approx. -60F (a combinant factor, wind&temp, indicating what temp in still air would have the same heat loss effect on a person)

and yes, we really do get icicles on the moustache, just like the cartoons

and someone spoke of SHRINKAGE in an earlier post........
ya gotta be careful, that turtle pulls his head so far back in, that there's danger of it choking ya from the inside while you're trying to deep breathe the CH away-
shit, by the time the attack's over & you come inside, you've got TWO tongues-

along these meteorological lines-
I understand even the man in the moon gets cluster headaches
if you don't believe it, check it out tomorrow night

watch him-
he'll turn sort of reddish, check out completely for a short time, then pop back good as new !!!!!!!!

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