A serious response.

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Posted by drummer ( on January 20, 2000 at 11:44:51:

In Reply to: Semanticists, Causes, Root Causes, Predispositions, ..... posted by Jack on January 20, 2000 at 08:44:19:

Hey Jack,

I believe you have done a great job at pointing out the obvious. One must actually be alive to suffer and endure Cluster Headaches. I believe that goes with out saying. I'd like to perform an experiment with you now though. Ready?

What IF we could find two "Lab Rats"? One "Lab Rat" that has Chronic Cluster Headaches and one "Lab Rat" that doesn't have Cluster Headaches.

Let's pretend that I'm the Chronic Cluster Headache "Lab Rat". And let's pretend that my wife is the ain't got Cluster Headaches "Lab Rat".

Now, let's take my Hypothalamus, (that's enlarged because of the extra grey cells) and let's take my neurotransmitters and stuff, (you know all that Serotonin, Melotonin, Horomones and all that other crap in my brain) and remove it from my head.

While we're in my head let's go ahead and take out my Trigeminal Nerve too. Let's take my Vth Cranial Nerve and VIIth Cranial Nerve out just for the hell of it too. May as well; I'm all opened up anyway.

Now let's put ALL that shit into my wife's head. Let's take ALL that same shit from my wife's head and put it into my head. (We're kind of playing Dr. Frankenstien). Know what I mean?

Now that my wife and I are put back together we won't die. The operation went wonderfully ! YA-HOO !!

Anyway, do you think that my wife will now be the Chronic Cluster Headache "Lab Rat" and that I will be the ain't got Cluster Headaches "Lab Rat"?

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