you're right AND you read mine right

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Posted by gary ( on January 21, 2000 at 02:12:33:

In Reply to: I may have read your post wrong, but.... posted by Linda Howell on January 21, 2000 at 01:39:56:

Hi Linda
yes you read right, but maybe I wasn't clear in all the steps:

let's try it this way:

1. regular solid sleep helps reduce attack frequency and intensity
2. attacks wake us BEFORE we can get good sleep
3. the fatigue that results makes CH even worse

a very nasty do-loop

4. BUT it is possible to turn this around by working at getting better sleep
basically - don't take it for granted that you HAVE to be wakened by the REM start attacks

if you can break that cycle, you can reduce the overall burden of the cluster substantially

5. I have successfully achieve this most nights in my last 2 clusters by working to really encourage a solid sleep, instead of just dropping into bed

this time I'm taking a 3mg melatonin (which is actually sold as a sleep aid, as well as being a possible CH mitigator),
and at least 3 benadryl (diphenhydramine) about 1/2 hour before I go to bed- I learned years ago that benadryl can help reduce an attack sometimes AND I know it acts as a sleep aid for most people - it's the usual ingredient for sleep in all those "nighttime" patent medicines

PLUS it is important for me to also really relax & calm down completely before bed - takes me about an hour sitting quietly, reading detective novels and milk & cookies (REALLY)

6. doing those things, I can make it thru at least 6 hrs or so straight sleep most every night - then not only have I beat the night attacks, but the next day goes a lot better

I fully realize this is not a plan everyone can follow - or at least it would be difficult choice - I end up sleeping from around 3 AM to noon many days as a result, and it DOES mean I miss a LOT -
that's the price - there still isn't a magic bullet for this @#^&*(())(*&^%$# curse

but the fact that not everyone can or will have that flexible a schedule, doesn't mean it doesn't work-
I'm just offfering it as another option for those who can and will try it
I guarantee one thing only - it works for me

and always remember - if you're already taking heavy meds, be sure to clear with your MD before dumping more on top

and it doesn't matter whether they're prescription, over the counter or so-called herbs & supplements -
they're ALL chemical drugs and can cause problems if used carelessly

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