...although migraine...hmmmmm.... a little terms definition.....

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Posted by Riccardo ( on January 21, 2000 at 05:41:19:

In fact, cluster migraine is more right than cluster headaches. I try to explain:
Don't examine the word cluster, that's surely right and define at well our kind of pain (in the time)
Headache= an ache in the head (this may mean ALL the head, and not only one side!)
Migraine=it comes from French (and Italian too) and is the erroneous contraction of 'hemicranie' or 'emicrania'. This term mean a thing, any thing that can happen to a sigle side of the head; approx. a rough translation may be: emi is greek that means a half side, and crania means about the head.
Then emicrania does not mean an ache, but only the place where something happen (e.g. i could -hope will not happen- be 'hemicrania bald', and that's means I have hair on the left, and totally bald on the right ...:-) ).
French and Italian usually use this term as the english migraine, defining an ache in one of the two sides of the head.
Then, if we have to be more precise, our disease could be defined as CHA.... 'CLUSTER HEMICRANIAL ACHE' and no one could be mad at me for this.
Although I'm sure that the usual term migraine can misguide the level and kind of pain we suffer.

BTW if we put three clusterhead together we can have a
good "CHA CHA CHA".....sorry for this end.......:-)
Ciao and PFNAD

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