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Posted by drummer ( on January 22, 2000 at 21:05:22:

In Reply to: Thanks again posted by Todd on January 22, 2000 at 20:27:34:

Too many questions and I have no answers. (hee hee).

My understanding of Acupuncture is somewhat limited. I talked to a friend recently who understands medicines and biology much better than I. He's a doctor. He told me this, "several studies in acupuncture have shown some release of endorphins from the needles...and that blocking these endorphins often counteracts the effects of acupuncture". Well that's it for Acupunture. I plan to read more about Acupuncture though.

I believe that a chronic IS an episodic with just a veeeeery long cycle. However, it has been my experience that there are teeny weeny little cycles "with-in" my chronic cycle. Let me explain. I've noticed an increase in frequency of attacks in the Fall months and the Spring months. Regardless of medications; I seem to get "hit" with more attacks at these two times of the year. (Now this will really mess things up). I've also, (rarely though) had a very bad time of it in mid July. This has happened 2 or 3 times in the past 16 years of my continuous 16 year cycle.

Now your next point about the grey cells being present in the Hypothalamus ALL the time with everybody. (chronics, episodics/in cycle and episodics/out of cycle).

Since I'm still of the "physical" mindset, (yet open-minded too) I'm going to say that maybe something else is going on physically. Perhaps Bobbie P is on to something with the Pituitary thingy. Perhaps more research needs to be done with the Serotonin thingy.

Uh-Oh. Serotonin. A "mood" regulator. Hmmmmmm. (That means I'm thinking). This brings up the (chicken or the egg) question. Does Serotonin regulate my mood OR does my mood regulate Serotonin?

I've asked this question on the message board before and didn't receive a response. I wonder what will happen this time. (??)

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