What should be illegal

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Posted by Carl D ( on January 23, 2000 at 07:36:30:

In Reply to: DocGreg and any lawyers posted by Todd on January 22, 2000 at 17:03:58:

I'll tell you what should be illegal : Doctors cancelling a patients appointment because they can't afford to pay. Doctors who neglect thier clients needs. Doctors who have a plentiful supply of a prescription in thier backroom, but will not give samples to a poor patient.

What pisses me off to the extreme? If I had money the doctors would say "Come back in two weeks." But since I don't have money they say "Come back in three months."
If I had money they would say "One way or another, we will find something that helps." But since I don't have money they say "I wish I could help."
If I had money I would have no problem getting prescriptions filled, but since I have no money or insurance - I cannot get my medicine, the doctor won't give me any - and it is illegal for someone to give me something I already have a prescript for.

I have been suffering bad for months now, but if I go to a clinic they will send me to my general practitioner, who will send me to my current neuro, who will send me home because I have no money. My pain is nothing more than a complaint to my doctor, but if I had $$$ upfront, my pain would be her priority.

What should be illegal? The fact that a person can, or at least used to be able to, get disability for something they have created - such as alcoholism, something they have complete conscious choice of - yet someone with cluster headaches is deemed "functional" by the Social Security Administration when they have no control over thier illness - and cannot get control over it because they cannot see thier doc or get proper medical care.

And yet, in our society, if such a person were to go off and take all of these injustices out on the system, we would hear things like "What could we have done to stop this?" "What kind of monster was this?" and "How could we have prevented something like this?"

The thing is - some monsters are not born, they are made. They are made through pain and suffering, they are made through rejection, they are made through the deprivation of basic human rights.
One hand only washes the other if it wears gold or silver. One hand slaps the other if it is cut or bleeding.
My hands are tied, and all of my hopes and dreams have become my noose, and this system has become my hangman. My suffering is nothing to them, and the fact that I daily battle this pain is a non issue. As some may say, I'm not even important anymore. When the well has run dry, they will stop pumping - even if it means the heart will stop too.

And Justice For All.

Carl D

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