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Posted by Rob ( on January 23, 2000 at 14:38:13:

I'm new to the board, but have been reading posts and coming to this site for 6 months. Great site!!!!!!

I've been suffering for about 1 1/2 years, i've never gone more than a week without an attack. I'm not sure if this catorgizes me as a chronic sufferer but I am finding a few things that tend to trigger the attacks on a daily basis.
Sodium nitrate: found in alot of cured meats this is a big one for me, always causes an attack regardles of the amount.
Thiamin Mono-nitrate: foound in common flour and hence almost eveything I eat. I have found that any more than 30% rda will cause and attack. I am 6'7" 350 lbs. so this would probably vary for other sufferers.
Prolonged exposure to cold temperatures: I have found that more than a hour of exposure to temperatures below freezing will tend to cause an increase in the frequency of the attacks. This contrdicts some other posts regarding temperature but if temperature control by the Hypothalamus is part of the problem this makes sense. I have decreased the frequency of my attacks by keeping the temp in my house around 75-80 degrees, and when driving keeping the heat at max during the winter.
I also smoke and was wondering whether studies have been done with cigarette smokers and the affect on CH?
Anybody quit and have the attacks stop?
I used to drink alot of beer (2-3 cases wk.), I stopped April 25,1999 because of the certainty of bringing on an attack. I find that a glass or two of wine doesn't affect me, is there any correlation between the additives or type of alcohol consumed and the affect on CH?
About the only preventative medication treatment that has alway worked for me is changing the medications(usually works for 5-7 days) I take.
I am currently taking Verapamil and Lithium Carbonate for preventative and Imitrex injections for the attacks, thank god I've worked through the red tape at my insurance company and am supplied with enough.

Anyone else have info regarding triggers?

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