Eyes on fire

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Posted by Carl D ( on January 26, 2000 at 07:57:57:

I just came out of an attack a little while ago. 2nd one since midnight. I am one tired freek. Last evening, I fell asleep for 3 hours - sleeping on my stomache face down as to attempt to avoid an attack. When I woke up - it was involuntarily due to the phone ringing. I feel bad because it was a friend of mine and I kind of bit his head off for commiting such a sin as to actually call me. Today I will apologize though.
When I woke up, my eyes were incredibly pure blood red and itchy, and felt as if they were on fire. Though the redness died down, they still feel like they are burning. Maybe since I didn't lie on the back of my head, whatever builds up back there and developes a CH attack built up in my eyes instead? I dunno.
Kenn recommended trying to sleep on the stomache face down, and said that is the only way he gets any rest. So when my body starts yelling at me to try and rest again - I will lay face down and see how much I can get.

I have not been myself at all lately. I've been trying to get ahold of myself - but I don't know where I went. So I am off to try and find myself (I've always wanted to use that line.) I think when you go for long periods of time without any rest, your mind begins to not only play tricks on you, but fights against you (does that make any sense?)
Oh well. Might try to lie down in a bit. I am still shadowing, but not as bad as has been lately. Just wish the demon would give me a break for a while and let me get some rest and peace of mind. Been drinking lots of water and some herbal drinks with St Johns Wort and Gotu Kola - to see if that will ease me any. I need all of the anti-stress agents I can get my hands on.

Peace, love and acetominaphin,
Carl D

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