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Posted by JACLYN ( on January 27, 2000 at 11:56:14:

I have been getting headaches since grade school and the older I get the worse they have become. I get clusters ,migrane & tention headaches. I have never found anything to help w/the pain, I eat asprin like candy and have been prescribed numerous pain relievers such as fioricet & darvocet (I think I spelled those right)and they had the same affect as asprin: nothing.
I had surgery to correct my deviated septum (when the bone & cartledge down the middle of the nose is crooked blocking airflow thru one side)The doc thought that could be causing the problem but a few weeks after surgery the headaches came back with a vengence. I began researching possible causes & prevenitive medicine.
I decided to change my diet from high carb foods like breads & pasta to foods with high protien like eggs fish & dairy products. I also take 2 vitimin B complex pills a day along with 3 amino acid supliment pills (I take one w/18 amino acids per pill). I also take 3-6 feverfew capsules a day.
I have only been doing this for about a month now but the difference is absolutely amazing!!! I went from being tired all the time (I'm only 21) to waking up energised. I used to get 2-3 miserable headaches per week and ever since I started this health kick I HAVE NOT had one singe headache. I have gotten the cluster aura you know b4 you get the actual headache but not the actual headache. This is really worth trying if you suffer from headaches like I do.
Vit. B complex, amino acid suplements & feverfew can all be purchaced at a health food store or drug store.
If you do try what I have suggested please e-mail me @ lusciousjaclyn69@hotmail.com. I noticed a drastic difference w/in a week. Good luck!!

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