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Posted by Todd ( on January 28, 2000 at 23:49:37:

I've posted two thoughtful, rational posts to you, neither of which have been antagonistic or derogatory. Your only reply has been the post which I have linked below. Let's discuss your points.

"Where? Where? How about I tell you everything that comes
out of your mouth is bullshiyat? would you like that?

Where did DJ say anything like this to you? Please cut and paste the portions of his post that you feel said that everything that comes out of your mouth is bullshiyat

CH since I was 20, you don't think I'd know what it feels like
by now?????????
Well, in your posts, I've seen nothing that indicates that you've ever experienced a cluster. And if you have, I have no idea how old you are, so 'since I was 20' is meaningless to me.

"All I'm saying is that if you give crap expect crap
in return. I won't cry if you give me crap. I expect
it if I give it."
Where did I (prior to this post and prior to your post that I am quoting) give you crap? And yes, you are crying.

"As for having to HIDE? Why would I want to give my personal
information to any of you? I don't know you? Are you a homo
who wants my phone number?"
Why do you fail to list your email? What "personal information" does this reveal? It merely provides a means to communicate directly.
What does any of this have to do with anyone's sexual orientation? Do you think that calling me a "homo" is an insult? If so, please explain why you feel that way.
I am unaware of any connection between either sexual orientation or prejudice and clusters, but perhaps you might have a valuable piece of the puzzle to provide.

"As far as returning a response to "TODD". I aint never
seen you on this board before."
There are probably a lot of people who wish they had never seen me on this board before, but there are NONE who can say that they haven't, unless they like you have never read the board before.

"My feeling that all headaches are pretty much the same
is that they ALL are painfull, sometimes clusters are painful
but in my experience migraines sometimes get much much more so"
Wow! Bigtime double shuffle, moonwalk, backaway from your earlier statements that ALL headaches, including stress, migraine, tension and clusters were the SAME. Let me restate and re-direct you to my original response to you: clusters and migraines are NOT THE SAME. This has be proven SCIENTIFICALLY. Do you have any actual research that disputes this? Do you have anything beyond your own ego-inflating desire to plaster graffiti on this board to back up your claims? Can and will you ever respond to my original post to you? With facts to counter my facts? In short, do you have anything beyond you own over-inflated ego and a bunch of hot air to offer this board? If so, we are all eager to listen.

And just for the record, I'll bet you don't respond to each of my points with any rational, calm factual data.


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