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Posted by VD ( on January 29, 2000 at 14:58:33:

In Reply to: VD, READ THIS.. posted by DJ on January 29, 2000 at 02:00:14:

Well I aint tellin anybody in particular WHY they have thier headaches.
Because that is one thing I don't know, I half the time don't even know
what causes my headaches. Thats why I post my experiences don't put any names
and hope my experiences helps (hope this helps). Can't I try to help?
I sure wish somebody gave me some tips when I had nobody to help me.

I dunno what kind of problem you have with me but whatever I did I'm sorry ok???

I can't understand why you get so INSANE about your needing of people to understand
what your going through. You know what you get, I know what I get. If there is one
thing that I do know it's that everybody is different. Some people can take CH some people
can't. Some people get bad CH and some people don't, same with migranes. All headaches are painful
and it depends on how much pain the person can take.

You seem to think that you get bad headaches and nobody else has headaches as bad as you. You wanna know
something? Your as bad as the people you critisize.

I thought this site was built as the worldwide cluster headache support group. Not the DJ's rant page.
So your sayin this site was just to rant about people you don't like? Come on man get ahold of
yourself, you don't do all this good work, help all these people, and then smear it up with your own
rant campaign.

I came to this board so I don't get spam in my mail box and can talk to people who have similair situations
as me.

True, SOME doctors claim CH is the worst pain human beings can endure. Maybe for some it is. For me it's
not the worst, but very near it. The thing I can't understand is, if it's so bad why can they dance? when
I was younger there were times I could not move, doctors put me on intravenous morphine because painkillers
don't really work on me back then because I took so much so often. thankfully I don't get it that bad no more
but I still get some pretty bad ones.

You seem to be playing the "my headache is badder then yours" game. I'm got tired of that game a long time ago.
I don't play that no more, I'm sure your headaches are bad for you, If it wasn't you wouldn't be such a whiner.

If I wanted to talk to somebody private would I be posting on a public board?

Bull shit cures? It's no wonder you still have bad headaches, sounds like you already gave up man! Don't give up man,
you can overcome this, other people have. When you lose hope, you fail.

As far as this board goes, I've never been ATTACKED so much before. Seems like you people try to segregate yourselves from
people you think don't understand what your going through but don't you know that doesn't help your situation at all?

P.S. The websites I posted belong to people I've known who have learned to control CH, migranes, headache pain. Doctors
can't really help you except give you drugs so don't waste your time, you should start looking for more of those "bullshit cures".

bye =)

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