I dunno

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Posted by Carl D ( on January 30, 2000 at 05:23:49:

In Reply to: Search for an etiology posted by DocGreg on January 29, 2000 at 20:54:03:

I have slipped on ice before and came back crashing down on the back of my head - with tears and all, but if something were damaged from that I would think an MRI or Catscan would've picked it up (but then again I have gone to St. Elizabeths' Medieval Center.)

Other than cracking my head on ice - I did ALOT of drugs growing up. Pot was more than a passtime, it was a way of life. I asked my doc if my previous drug use could've played a part and he said, probably not, since people who never did drugs get them.

I am a musician, and back in the day used to have beautiful, long hair. On stage (I am known to be a true performer - give the people something to talk about tomorrow - A Showman!) I used to run around, thrashing my head about, spinning my head and doing what is known as "helicopters" with my hair. I was a headbanger in the truest sense of the word - even used to "limber up" with stretches and exercises before a show to reduce the 'day after stiff neck.' I suspect that may be one reason my Chiro said I had a couple of mis-alignments and deviations in my neck. He fixed that, but the CH's remain.

And then there is the time I am told of (I was way too little to remember - maybe three or four) when I was at my grandmas old house. My brothers were in the back yard playing, I came outside on the back porch (which had no railings and was all concrete) and my oldest brother said they told me to go back inside. Instead, I walked OFF of the porch, and when they walked up to me - I was just lying there staring upward wide-eyed and kind of shocked I am guessing and then after about two minutes, then I started to cry. I don't remeber that incident, I was too little. The farthest back I can remember is four or five years old, and alot of that is fuzzy now.

Truth is - I dunno what could have spawned these things. If I had that answer, I would be a happy man.


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