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Posted by Rose ( on February 01, 2000 at 07:12:46:

In Reply to: Search for an etiology posted by DocGreg on January 29, 2000 at 20:54:03:

Hi Doc, I've labeled myself an episodic, seasonal
CH sufferer. I've had CH for 27 years, with 95%
occurring in the fall months. I began using full-spectrum lights this past October. I believe my brain, for whatever reason, can't "handle" the shortening of daylight hours each fall!! Other than a few shadows, a cluster cycle has not "hit me" since my last episode in the fall of 98. I am thrilled, but understand many things could have changed the course of CH for me. After all, at my age (44), I am most likely pre-menopausal, and hormones could play a part for women especially!
But deep in my heart, I believe it is the "lights".
Another cause for my headaches, and I do believe there can be a combination of several "things" going on, I think, has something to do with histamine. As a child, I had a condition called Dermagraphia, (spelling ?) that is, hyper-sensitive nerve endings on the surface of my skin. I could write my name on my arm with my fingernail, and within a minute it would raise the skin a 1/4 of an inch. Hives were a common occurance for me. I "outgrew" the condition, and have had only 2 similar experiences since that time, and they were strange and unexplainable. One happened a few years ago shortly after a cluster had ended. I had sudden swelling in the lip area...in a matter of a few minutes and a corner of my lip would double in size. Again, it stopped as quickly as it had started, lasting only a few weeks. Just last week, I began itching unbelievably bad all over. I first blamed it on dry, winter skin, but soon broke out in hives!! I have no allergies that I am aware of, so I couldn't blame it on anything I had eaten or done. Here's the strange part. Remember, I'm doing the "lights" and have been cluster free since October, not even a shadow for well over a month! For the duration of the hives, I had a strong cluster SHADOW, and really felt this could be the start of a episode. I took 2 benadryle (spelling ?) and within an hour both conditions ended! There's got to be a connection in my mind between the two!! Hey, thanks for listening and for your continued support and study of these monsters. Sorry this is so long!!! Rose

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