The Stadium that DJ built.

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Posted by drummer ( on February 02, 2000 at 04:19:57:

A Strange Dream

I had a strange dream last night. In the dream there was this really huge Baseball Stadium that DJ built. Inside the Stadium there was this gigantic table with chairs all around it. The table was occupying Home Plate. Everyone from was seated around this enormous table. I was sitting there too, but in my dream I was the only person there who was completely naked. (I intend to ask someone what this “naked thingy” part of my dream means).

DJ was at one end of this table. Doc Greg, Jack, Bennie Sue and Bobbie P were at the other end of the table. All the rest of us were scattered about in chairs on both sides of the table, between them. Doc Greg, Jack, Bennie Sue and Bobbie P had brought a really, really big computer to the table with them. Those guys had invented some sort of Statistical Analysis Database that would be used to record everything that us clusterheads were talking about. The computer was shaped just like a chair and Dr. Peter Goadsby was sitting on top of it. (Dr. Goadsby was not naked).

Dr. Goadsby stood up on this "Computer Chair thingy" and announced to all of us how excited he was to be at this Stadium with all of these clusterheads. Dr. Goadsby said this about how excited he was, "I’m excited to be here in this Stadium with all of you clusterheads". Everyone at the table responded at the same time by saying, "WE’RE EXCITED TOO" !!!

The Stadium seats were filled with many different people from all over the world. Most of them did not have Cluster Headaches, but they were all fully clothed. (It seems, in my dream, that Cluster Headaches are very, very rare and that I’m still the only naked person in the Stadium).

Anyway, all the people from were gathered together in this huge Stadium at this gigantic table for one reason. They were going to talk about "Cluster Headache" stuff. At first everyone discussed and exchanged their various medicine recipes that they had tried for their Cluster Headaches. The four people with the Statistical Analysis Database Computer were busily putting all of this information into the "Computer thingy". (The "Computer thingy" was also fully clothed).

After we were done talking about the "medicine stuff"; Bob P got up to give a speech on Serotonin. As Bob P was delivering his speech on Serotonin; Hub quietly left his seat and maneuvered himself in back of Bob P where he began to make "bunny ears" behind Bob P’s head with his two fingers. (Hub was fully clothed, although he had forgotten to "zip up" upon his recent return from the restroom).

Elaine and Carl D dozed off during Bob P’s speech about Serotonin. It seems that Bob P has a tendency to be a bit long winded. (Since this was all happening in my dream; I was already asleep anyway, so even though I wanted to doze off; I couldn’t).

Just at the moment when I was not dozing off, but Elaine and Carl D were dozing off; a spectator from the crowd came running and screaming towards our table from Left Field. He was screaming, "I HAVE THE CURE FOR CLUSTER HEADACHES" !! We didn’t pay too much attention at first because we had all heard this before. As the spectator came closer and closer to the table from Left Field, we could hear him say, "I don’t have Cluster Headaches, but I’ve been listening and you people need to stop eating carrots; THAT’S THE CURE" !!!

DJ sat back in his chair and rolled his eyes. Then he smiled and raised his right hand in the air and snapped his fingers. At that precise moment, five really big and really ugly women in white coats came out from under the spectator seats and carried the man from Left Field away. (The big and ugly women were completely naked underneath their white coats).

After the spectator from Left Field was carried away, the discussion continued. Carl D and Elaine had awakened from their sleep, (not by the screaming and running spectator guy), but from a Cluster attack. Luckily Margi, (the world famous supporter) was there. Margi quickly grabbed Elaine and Carl D and single handedly carried them down the First Base line towards the "Oxygen/Tent" where they were immediately given 100% Oxygen at a flow rate of 1,125 Liters/minute. Margi also gave them a glass of water after their Cluster attacks had ended. (Margi was fully clothed).

As the day progressed; every once in a while a spectator, (who didn’t have Cluster Headaches) would come running and screaming from Left Field. Most times they were screaming things that were quite ridiculous. So, DJ would simply sit back in his chair and roll his eyes and snap his fingers and the five big and ugly women in white coats would carry the "screaming spectator" away. Sometimes a person with Cluster Headaches would emerge from the crowd. The new clusterhead felt like running and screaming too, but instead, just walked slowly to the table. Everyone stood and offered their seat to the new clusterhead and said, "welcome". The new clusterhead took their seat at the gigantic and enormous table and said simply, "I thought I was alone." In my dream this was a very cool thing. (The new clusterheads were never naked).

After several people had given their speeches about the Hypothalamus, Serotonin, Melatonin and the Endocrine system; it became my turn to give a speech. I had prepared a speech on the dangers of operating an Oxygen Tank while naked. It was at this exact moment when I left my seat to stand to give my speech, that everyone came to realize that I was completely naked. (This is when, I too realized that I was completely naked). Everyone at the table sat back in their chairs and rolled their eyes and raised their right hands and snapped their fingers. 6,385 really big and really ugly women in white coats came out from under the spectator seats and began running towards me.

This is when I woke up from my dream. I was alone. It was dark and I was naked. I also had a Cluster Headache.


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