Glad to know I'm not alone =)

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Posted by Seraphinster ( on February 02, 2000 at 12:10:23:

Hello there and bless you collectively for creating and
nurturing this site.

The last 4 weeks of my life have been very frightening
and confusing. Being a classic migrane sufferer, I thought
myself unlucky to experience "Hell on Earth", as I call it,
once or twice a month. Then, for no apparent reason, I start
getting these headaches EVERY DAY, several times a day. And
when I say headache, I mean H E A D A C H E!!!

After a week and a half, I became overwhelmed by the anxiety
the headaches caused: should I go to sleep? will I wake up
with another headache? is there actually an ice pick stuck
behind my eye somewhere? is this cosmic karma payback for
repeating that "It's not a tumor." line a la Arnold Shwartzenegger
from Kinder Garden Cop just one too many times?

In all seriousness, I've never known such PAIN or felt so
out of control of my life. I've been hit with feelings
of futility and with increadible anger at the disruption
this is causing to my life. I've thought that I am going
insane with my ranting and pacing and hair-pulling. Now,
I'm so glad to know that what I'm experiencing is...normal.

I've sought and am seeking treatment - feverfew, ergotamine,
and water, water, water - but one of my BIGGEST reliefs has
been this website.

So thank you and bless you all.

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