I Love the Cluster God! written by Kenn

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Posted by Mrs Holloman ( on February 04, 2000 at 13:22:51:

I hate Cluster Headaches but I love the Cluster Gods. After all, Who Else
could have wrecked five careers and an otherwise great marriage without
lifting a finger except to poke it into my head and give a few thousand
twists several times a day for the past entire lifetime almost?
And Who Else could have gained my attention and total respect without
uttering a single word, leaving the sound effects entirely up to me.
And Who in this world could have kept me from blissful hours of restful
sleep every night simply by using my memory of past nights of terror and by
allowing my own fears to keep me from laying my pitiful little head on the
pillow? Not to mention the uncanny ability to rouse me instantly from
whatever sleep I get and straight into the shower even when I have no place
to be.
The Cluster God! That's Who.
Nobody Else has such resourceful energy, finding endless ways to bring me
to my knees so cleverly and with such certainty.
Nobody Else has ever followed me so relentlessly, caressing me so fondly
and being so persistent that I had no choice but to embrace it.
And, without the Cluster God, I would have wasted my life in so many
other useless and meaningless ways, like making some money or attending to
duties or family outings or weddings, court dates, concerts, ball games, the
kid's school plays, my own graduation, life...
Instead, I get to worship in uncommon ways a deity of sorts who has shown
some of the traits of God Almighty, Itself, i.e., impersonal, unemotional,
all powerful and omniscient attention to details.
That, for instance, is why I find myself up at 3:15 AM writing about
something I wish to God I knew absolutely nothing about (Don't tell the Gods
I said that).
Too bad, I always say, that everybody can't get just one shot at this;
Lives all over the globe would change in from between fifteen minutes to,
say, a couple of hours or so. One of these magnificent encounters with the
Cluster God and you just won't see life in the same way again. And after
thousands of them, there is pretty much nothing else left to mention about
life and all of its wonders.
I love it.
(Shh...I'm lying!)

This was written by one of my students, Kenn He emailed it to me! He said I could post it! Thanks it was very good work! I give you a A+

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