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Posted by Carl D ( on February 04, 2000 at 15:15:52:

I just got a response back from the University of Michigan hospital's medical records dept explaining they have cancelled my request for my medical records because I did not include my date of birth or SS#. I DID PROVIDE THEM WITH A NUMBER STATING IF THEY HAD ANY QUESTIONS THEY COULD CALL ME!!!!
I guess that would make things a little too easy now wouldn't it? So instead, I have to re-mail my request, wait another ten days, and hope like hell I can get it to my attorney in time to get it to the judge before I am denied!!!
The Michigan Head Pain and Neurological Institute is toying with me in the same respect. They sent a release form to be signed and sent in, and at the bottom it says "This proccess will take three weeks to complete." I now have twenty days!!!! I don't think these people realize they are dealing with a f#@&ing life here - they just consider me a # and a piece of paper.
Not to mention I just came out of a very very bad attack, I am still f#@&ed up from it. I just know the judge kept the case open for another thirty days from my court date to get these records, and now Tom Dick and Harry in Michigan are gonna f#@& me out of any chance I may have had of getting any help.
I cannot deal with this sh!t anymore. I am either gonna wind up not finishing my book but instead living it out, or just say f#@& the whole mess and it's been fun but not fun enough to want to continue.

I think I am having a nervous breakdown. Either that or I am severely losing it. At any rate, I am tired of dealing with all of this bullsh!t!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In Hell,

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