A really really baaad day

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Posted by flapper ( on February 08, 2000 at 00:41:10:

I woke up this morning to my alarm clock blaring & a shadow in my head at 8:30am. I've been having shadows for the past few weeks almost every morning & I usually just go back to sleep for about 30min & they usually go away so why not try it today? At 10:28am(whay past 9:00am) I woke up again. The problem now was I am supposed to be at work at 10:30am & had to get ready plus walk my dog. I call my not so happy boss & explain I will be there asap. I leave for work & on the way damn if another shadow didn't start nosing about my head. Bieng in a huge hurry I thought it best to ignore this & not stop at the store to pop advil & down some caffine. Mind you I was supposed to go to the doc this past Thurs but had to reschedule for this comming Thurs so I'm all out of meds too. Well, I get to work late & my head is climbing that kip scale like mad but it's ok I can ride it out...I've done it before so it will eventually be all good this time too, right? Boy, I don't know where my judgment was today. It hit 5....6...7 I took a trash bag & made an ice pack at this piont(btw that ica pack post has helped for the shadows)...8...9...10 by now that ice pack turned into my worst enemy. I decided it would be best for everyone's interest if I moved my self into the bathroom....10+...10++...10+++ I turn my head & puke all over the bathroom(no nausa it just came out)...10++++...my manager unlocks the bathroom finding me sprawled on the floor kicking, crying, & surounded by puke. She ask me who to call I uttered Robbie. She calls & reports back to me that the place he works said that no one by the name of Robbie works there. She is now trying to get me to go to Urgent Care(it's an out patient medical center) because when her migraines get this she gets the shot. Ok I have not had a head this PAINFUL in a really very lllooonnngg time & it is NOT a migraine. I can barely speak much less explain to my boss that by the time we drive over there, fill out the paper work, pay them the $75 examination fee, sit in the waiting room watching the 5 people before me go in & out, get examained, & wait for the doctors to poke around while filling up the syringe my headache will be gone like it never exsisted because it is not a migraine. So instead I said, "can't afford it." So my boss drives me home. Where finally I can scream in comfortable surroundings. During all this Rob was at work & the recetionist comes in & asks if people sometimes call him Robbie. He says yes...she mentions the phone call & says something about Urgent Care. He leaves & goes to Urgent Care nope I'm not there so he calls my work & they wouldn't give him hardly any info besides a manager took me somewhere. The poor guy runs around to every hospital/medical center looking for me. By this time my headache subsided enough for me to use the phone I call his work his work & the receptionist tells me he went to Urgent Care I tell her I'm at home & try to explain this awful mess. Damn the beast. This has been by far the worst public experience I've ever had with CH...I feel ashamed, emabarrased, & never want to show my face at work again.

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