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Posted by Miss Crabitha Thistlewaithe ( on February 09, 2000 at 08:54:48:

Hello? Hello? Is that you, Mrs. Holloman? I hear your are having a busy vacation. Yes, yes. Well, that is fine.
Well, I'm sorry to have to bother you at this time. but .. a matter has arisen that I feel I must discuss with you. Now, you know I do not usually tell tales out of school. (Hruumph) But his concerns your prize pupil and I feel I must... Yes, I do mean Prissy B.
Well, it started this way. Prissy was transferred into my class for a few days. Why? Because Miss Twitch felt she would benefit from a change of environment (Prissy, that is), although I believe the same applies to Miss Twitch. It seems Priscilla had lectured the class on the proper behavior of pupils when a substitute techer is present. Those naughty boys shot a few of those nasty missiles at Prissy. Then Prissy cried for you.
Next she said some very unkind words to little Elliott. This did nothing to enhance her popularity with the class because Elliott is very well liked. Finally, Susan, I think it was, led the other girls to boycott Prissy, and all refused to be her partner for a project.
Well, once she got into my classroom all H..., um, ah, that is, things did not go well at all. She pulled one of Amelia's prized pigtails, threw her ink bottle (Amelia's, I mean to say ) onto the floor spattering ink all over Jasmine's new dress, and finally... You will not want to hear the rest. Oh, you do? Well, at recess Prissy chased Adonis Radfinster around the school yard, cornered him against the fence, and KISSED him (blush) in front of everybody. The other girls were so jealous and angry they ran right to the principal to report the incident.
The other boys eased Adonis until he demanded his mother have the school board fire Mr. McGillicutty for allowing such things to happen at school. Well, I know you YOUNGER teachers allow these little m...., um children far too many liberties. Why, when I began teaching 45 years ago... What, you feel bad for Prissy and Miss Twitch and Susan and Amelia and Elliott and....?
In that case, I certainly hope you return soon because I have no sympathy with this kind of behavior. Why, these youngsters will be the ruination...Mrs. Holloman? Are you there...?

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