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Posted by Elaine ( on February 09, 2000 at 10:34:42:

Hi All,
Heather brought me our old word processor so I could write everyone. Good thing she can type 50 words a minute. She said she would retype this and post for me. This thing corrects my spelling. I hear people are getting on to my family because I did not tell what hospital I was in.
It is my fault not theirs. I am afraid people might try to come see me. That happen to me once I have false teeth and every time I have surgery. It takes me a while to put them back in my mouth. I would have to talk to you with my hand over my face. Plus the switch board lady would go crazy.

I feel so much better today. I can’t wait to get home. I am being asked all kinds of dumm things. Who is the President? Of course I said DJ ! Who is this Clinton guy that took over DJs job? They ask who VP was? I said Kip! Who is quail? Have ya’ll had a election sense I left? Not fair. It’s making me look bad. It is awful here. These nurses are all blond. They do things like. Last night I am a sleep mouth open eyes closed. I hear a loud voice that says Mrs. Holloman are you sleeping? I just lay there and she ask again louder. I say I was. She takes blood pressure she takes my temperature ect… Ok I am awake now. She then said you need to get some sleep. Duh! Then I sit up awhile read a few post and type a little. I get sleepy so I go back to sleep. Same nurse, Mrs Holloman are you asleep? No I am playing dead! Same routine. Wide awake again. This time she says. Mrs Holloman if you don’t get some sleep we may have to give you something to help you sleep. Would you like that? Only if its strong enough you can’t wake me up. They make you get up at 5 AM. Its like being in boot camp. The food here YUCK! The coffee is worst. Now the real kicker is this. They gave me a walker, so I can walk the halls. I don’t need a walker. Try
Using a walker with one hand. It’s not easy. I got to the end of the hall and said I don’t need this so I left the walker there. I get all most back to the room and the nurse says. Where is your walker. I point to the other end of the hall and told her the truth. That old lady at the other end of the hall took it away from me. She jumped me from behind. These people do not have a sense of humor. LOL

I want you all to know that the fact you all stopped posting was the most wonderful feeling in the world. I read all the post and sailpappys, Todds, Garys, Margis, and all the replys to Heathers post. I don’t know how to thank you all for that. I want you all to know the flowers are beautiful. The girls have told me bout all the calls. Ricarrdio called cool! DJ the girls said that you called and they tried to call you, looks like ya’ll are playing phone tag. Thank you. Drummer thank you they said you called too. How did you all get my home address and phone number? Look wait till I come home, I want to talk to you all. I don’t have a calling card to call from my room, and the cell phone won’t work in the hospital. They watch me to close this time for me to even get off the floor to go outside to call anyone or smoke. Someone told them about last time. Well I sorry this is long I miss you all and the board. The doctor said I might can come home Friday. If all keeps going the way it is. I better go I want Heather to take this to post this morning. I have some wonderful kids! I am truly blessed.

They are taking great care of me.

Your Cluster Friend

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