typical brit............oh well, it's still CH related, sorta

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Posted by cranky yankee (he's ba-a-ack) ( on February 10, 2000 at 01:49:21:

In Reply to: ...and another thing... posted by Simon on February 09, 2000 at 19:55:22:

I TOLE you buggers there'd be a couple flaws in it because it was reworked from another piece-
the word that "clique" replaced was plural, OK ?

I TOLD you - no paycheck, no proofread !

whaddya think guys - we don't hear from Simon for about a decade,
but misplace one comma, and here comes John Bull,

the sun SET on it, lad
a LONG time ago
get over it

this all reminds me of the yank who walked into a pub in england,
early in the day,
one guy sitting at the bar hunched over his pint,
barkeep at his post,
nobody else

yank walks up and calls for a draft

drunk sitting at the bar picks his head up and shouts:
queue up bloke
queue up !"

Simon'll get it
and BTW Simon
I actually did toss a few back, one night in 1973 on this side of the pond, in company with the jugeared philanderer YOU people are supporting- (we get to send ours back to the Ozarks - you're stuck with yours I guess)

ennywhey, 'twas when he was playing sailor,his ship was in port for a local festival at my home town which is one of those samenameasinEngland port towns, and I was on some damn fool committee - (seriously , I was chairman of the delegation of local fools) -

and I GOTTA tell you -
if you HAVE to have a king
HE ain't up to it

did you ever think of electing one?
sure - it doesn't always work out,
but at least we get the nice big house back at the end of four years
there,I feel better
thanks Simon!

between that and the hideously rude joke I sent the Irishman by email, I've successfully held up my end as the Ugly American for a while, and can relax and get back to business

tough work being the blue ribbon boors of the world you know
BTW - my old fellas came over from someplace called Clavelsleigh, in the "Vale of Taunton Deane" - any idea where it is?
undoubtedly it's your version of hillbilly heaven if my more recent family tree is any indication

t'other side were Clan McClaren highlanders, by way of Nova Scotia -
in fact I still break out in little blue blotches all over my face, when things get hostile at town meeting
and yes people
this IS all relevant after a fashion
I'm CONVINCED that CH is rooted in northern European ancestry - but can be a DISTANT ancestry - and in a genetically subtle way - not a direct triggering sort of thing

my sisterinlaw the geneticist explained to me how it could work,
but my eyes glazed over in about 3 minutes and the shorthand version is all I've got left after the CRS syndrome set in
a couple of you have seen her website & know what I'm talking about

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