Cocaine and heroin

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Posted by Todd ( on February 10, 2000 at 23:12:23:

In Reply to: yah, but did ya try it for this purpose... posted by monique on February 10, 2000 at 20:44:56:

are two different substances which share one common trait....fatality.

C'mon folks, let's use some common sense. All narcotics are addictive. Period, end of discussion. Here in the States, over reactionary politics have prevented medical science from conducting any really meaningful studies on the possible appropriate medicinal uses of these powerful drugs. So the 1/2 a$$ed applications of nose swabbing liquid solutions is irrelevant. And the almost certain addiction outweighs any possible, and anecdotally unsubstantiated, benefit.

Read the board. Check the archives. "Painkillers" DON'T touch clusters. Our Weekend Topic is about increased pain tolerance. In my experience, this is not only true, it carries a 'drug resistence' element along with it. I take 800 mg (4 OTC tabs) of ibuprofen for a 'regular' headache, because nothing less will touch it. So, how much cocaine, heroin, morphine, etc would I need to deal with a cluster?

A few disclaimers. I've never gone the narcotic route, except for one time in Roswell, NM when I was far from home on business and had no access to my usual meds. Went to the ER and got shot up with Demoral. Knocked me out so I slept through the rest of the attack. Woke up about an hour before the demon's next scheduled visit, which he made promptly. I've never used this stuff recreationally. I'm not about to judge those who have....judge not lest ye shall be judged or something.

But I can't stand by and let people I care about consider messing with their lives in this way. I know the horror and pain of the Demon personally. I've considered the guillotine approach more times than I care to remember. But as sure as the sun rises in the east each morning, every cluster ends. Even the worst of the chronics have 'good times'. You can't enjoy those times if you're stoned.

Just my humble pontification. Take it. Leave it. Make your own decision. But I had to say it.

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