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Posted by John B ( on February 11, 2000 at 02:16:08:

In Reply to: Cocaine? posted by Monique on February 10, 2000 at 20:25:38:

I had a neurologist tell me one time that cocaine would abort a cluster attack. But it is illegal. No shit. I wonder what it is like to get cluster attacks in prison while three or four big guys are holding you down and butt-f**&&& you. How would it be to never be able to pass a drug screen? How long until I can't wait for my next CH attack? What about all the drug interactions nobody ever checks for? What about impurities? What about the bad guys you support when you buy the stuff?
I have used Stadol to try to abort a cluster attack. Stadol is synthetic morphine. If I have a really good CH attack, like a Carl D 10+, the Stadol just kind of sits there in my nose and waits for me to be done begging for the pain to end. When it does, then the Stadol really messes with my head and keeps me up for the rest of the night in a blind stupor.
Both of these substances are about as addictive as anything can get, unless of course you are talking about cigarettes. Now there is something that is really addictive.
Of course if the CH turns out to be less than a 10+, like maybe just a 6 or a 7, or maybe just a shadow or a twitch, then the Staydol or the Coke would just be kinda fun. Then maybe the next night it might be a good idea to take some just in case you get a shadow or a twitch; you don't want to not be prepared, you know.

Two things I believe I have learned. CH pain is just too strong and comes on too fast for any pain killer to be of any use.

CH pain comes too often to be messing around with any narcotics. They are too addictive. We have enough problems to deal with just having CH without adding a drug problem on top of it. Just my opinion, though.

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