don't think you have cluster headache, reason inside

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Posted by gary ( on February 12, 2000 at 18:54:55:

In Reply to: Cluster Migranes posted by Pat Schreiber on February 12, 2000 at 16:15:49:

1. there is no such thing as cluster migraine, this is a phrase used by doctors who don't know much about headaches

cluster headache and migraine are very very very different

2. you refer to a "go to bed" migraine-
with cluster headache you do NOT go to bed, believe me - just the opposite -
if anything people become agitated, move around a lot etc - NO WAY are clusterheads going to lay down to relieve a CH attack - this alone is a very important diagnositc clue

3. my vision gets blurry in the cluster eye just before the attack starts sometimes - but that is common with several headache type ailments,

have never heard anybody mention slurred speech - again with CH we don't tend to want to talk much, but if we do it is more apt to be a sharp shouted curse than a slurred expression

READ the medical description found via the "medical info" button at the left of this screen

it won't tell you what you have, but it does a real good job of explaining what cluster headache is -
IF someone really has cluster headache, there isn't much confusion, believe me
it's a very specific set of symptoms -
some variations in individuals, but certain things are very certain, or by definition, it isn't cluster headache

to anybody reading this, not just Pat-
if you DON'T have cluster headache, it does you no good to try to squeeze your symptoms into CH, just so you feel you have a name for your problem

1. that which works for CH doesn't work for most other HA problems

2. if what you have hurts this bad, but doesn't fit the symptomology, you may have a VERY serious problem that needs medical attention immediately

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