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Posted by Todd ( on February 12, 2000 at 21:27:21:

In Reply to: Imitrex is my GOD!!!!! posted by chuck on February 12, 2000 at 20:57:25:

Imitrex tabs come in 50mg doses and so 200mg/day isn't out of spec.

I'm confused about Dave's doc's comment that 4 tabs/day (assuming Dave is on tabs) would take care of the 'inevitable' 2 CH/day. In my experience, ONE 50mg tab, taken early enough, aborts the cluster w/i 15 minutes. Taken later, it's as worthless as a condom in a monestary. I would never waste a second tab if the first one didn't do it. (BTDT)

I'm also getting very concerned about the increasing frequency of comments about rebound headaches and about headaches being a listed 'side-effect' of drugs.

As to rebounds, are we talking rebound clusters or rebound headaches? If the latter, who cares?, although it has never happened to me on Imitrex. If the former, I'd submit it isn't a 'rebound' but rather a separate cluster attack.

Now, as to the issue of 'headaches' being a reported side-effect of 'our' drugs, stop and think a bit, folks. Headache is a listed side effect of aspirin, acetominophen and ibuprofen...all sold as headache relief! NO type of headache has EVER been scientifically identified in terms of an observable symptom. Researchers rely SOLELY on subjective patient feedback. Also check out the reported incidence of these so-called sideeffect headaches in the patient information leaflets before getting too upset. Toss in an overly cautious FDA and a nation overrun with litigation minded attorneys, and it's no wonder every possible effect of a drug, no matter how unlikely, is listed in the paperwork. We're a nation that requires 'childproof' strikers on disposable cigarette lighters (but not on refillables)because we can no longer trust adults to watch over and teach their children and it's just to easy to sue anyone over anything. I'm expecting a federal law mandating the fencing off of all the beachs soon, if parents of children who can't swim keep letting them go wading in the ocean and getting sucked into the undertow. That is, the children who manage to survive the federally-mandated self-inflating childkillers we call airbags.

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