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Posted by Dave ( on February 14, 2000 at 00:37:11:

In Reply to: New ClusterFAQ for ASHM Released posted by Bob Wold on February 13, 2000 at 19:28:42:

What a site! Very very informative, will keep it bookmarked as a reference site.
You know, I once read "Origin of the Species", and could barely make it through laughing so hard.
I thought I'd never seen so many "Maybes" "Possiblies" "Might seems" etc.. you get the drift. Then I got CH. And although the same words appear often, I don't find them amusing in the least. This report was as well put together as could have been with what we "think" we know or not know. If you haven't read it, it's worth the time.
Left me with a few questions however. Not sure if Bob will be back to check for responses in here, and I could write if he doesn't. But I'll put them out to all of you.
Things that seem (see..even got me saying it) to be inconsistent about CH theories:
1st off:
Men vrs women sufferers;
Is it just me or does anyone else see there are just as many women that frequent here as men?
Or, could there be other reasons the "survey" seems to put males at higher rates.
One nice women in here shared a thought with me that I think has merit. "Being a women, when I go to see a doctor about CH, I tend to get the brush off with 'You're just stressed" Or, 'You're just
having anxieties' etc...." Many may have taken this and left untreated and incorrectly diagnosed.
Then again I hate to say it but there's the old saying about men, "He's tough now, but when he's sick he's like a child." Who knows, do we need relief more than women, or at least make more noise about pain and sickness?
Just some thoughts.
I believe we definetly all have individual triggers. But, I wonder about the "Stress" triggers or "seasonal" triggers. If these were factors, I have a question. How many have moved to different climates? And if so, did this change your cycles? Or on the stress theory, am I stressed every day at exactly 2:00PM? I'm at a great point in my life, with the least amount of stress I've ever enjoyed. The stress comes after the cycles begin (I believe). And further, not so much from the pain, but in the embarrassment, shame, guilt to family and work, etc...(I'm not leaving the pain & sleep deprivation out of the stress factor) simply stating the "stress" in one's life can bring the cycles on is strange to me. And, have a hard time buying that one.
3rd: Drinking/Smoking/Drugs:
Have you ever met anyone who hasn't been through at least one of these? And more importantly, any that actually can honestly say they haven't and still suffer from CH? I mean when I hear "CH suffers tend more to be drinkers or smokers than non suffers" I think where in the hell do you come up with that? I've seen charts sure. But notice percentages are listed seperately.
Example (not even trying here for right numbers):
CH survey:
"Do you drink?" survey says! 65% yes 35% No
"Do you Smoke?" survey says! 75% yes 25% No
As these list continue with the questions, there is no room for each individual, so all I see is a group of people surveyed. Some smoke, some drink,
I imagine some eat Fritos and some don't.
When I hear Drinking/Smoking are contributors to CH, I think you could throw in any thing you like. Such as chocolate, coffee, apples, watching 90210, listening to types of music, and yes even quoting Robin from Batman! Sorry, can't buy it.
I had more questions about CH research. But I've rambled enough for now. I think it best left in the hands of the "suffers" to theorize about these things, and the Doctors and Specialist should stick to the physical aspects. And then ask us!
"should Dave shut up now" survey say YES 100%
What'dya think?
Oh, and can I just quote jonny?
"...cause they don't know!"

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