Ten Minutes

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Posted by Carl D FREEk ( on February 16, 2000 at 10:28:37:

Hey Gang,
I'm typing this in another format and clipping and repasting in the text box.....Long story. I only have ten minutes online a day now. What can one do in ten minutes? I have been up all night thinking on that one. Ten minutes. I can't even pick up my guitar for less than 20. Ten minutes. That's only a third of a sitcom. That isn't even long enough to listen to my favorite TOOL song ("Third Eye" is around 14:00 long). Ten minutes. I can't even achieve....ahem...well... - - - ten minutes?

John, I talked to Laren last night and it is not only the ILPeaknet access but the line the computer is on is a business line also. I asked about switching it over late at night (Since I don't quite have the hang of the sleep thing) to the regular phone line, but they really don't want to do that either in case of an emergency (His wife works nights.) So I am stuck to limiting myself to just ten minutes a day - which means scan email, look at board, try to decipher what I want to read (In all honesty, I want to read everything), Open it, minimize it, sign back out offline, and then open each post up and read it, then if I close it, I can't go back because I am offline. Messy situation, I know. Thinking about checking out the Internet cafe in Fairview Heights, seeing how much they charge an hour for use of a pc and cruising down there and using thier system so I can be able to read and respond to posts - even try to participate in some chats - but that may not even be realistic either. I may just be stuck with Ten Minutes a day until I get my own place and my own system (ha, one can dream right?)

Ten minutes. What can you do in ten minutes? I can't even make minute rice in ten minutes. I can't even watch TV for less than a half hour (Attacks pending.)

Hey Bob, if I can get a better pic scanned, can you chop me off of the one with Nancy? I look like a greasebowl and all of my fluid has sunk into my cheecks. I never knew I could look so horrible! Yuk! That is undoubtedly one of the worst pics of me I have ever seen (besides the one that was taken as a prospect for my last demo tape that had me pounding my fists on a wall screaming, but actually looked more like a prison photo with the......Yuk! nevermind).

Last night sucked bad. 1 hour sleep total and 3 attacks. Yay!!! And you know what? None of them where shorter than an hour.
Ten minutes - I wish every attack I had I could give a limit of ten minutes to.
Ten minute attacks, wouldn't that be nice -----Ok, not nice in the sense of being attacked, but I could deal with a ten minute attack over an eighty minute attack anyday of the week.

So, what can you do in ten minutes?

LYGMTYK - - - (Love you guys more than you know)
Carl "FREEk" D

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