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Posted by NicholasD ( on February 16, 2000 at 14:10:54:

not sympathy, just tips, found this board a couple of days ago when a nasty virus that attacks the ears, nose, and throat retriggered the clusters again, my kids have/had this virus and it lasts a month, my son that has Crohn's disease is still figthing this virus after 2 1/2 months, his anti-immunity drugs he needs for his Crohn's prevents him from healing, the virus is bad enough without the clusters on top of it, getting 6-7 attacks a day. I think I lost my faith in God, just cry to hear a voice or a word of encouragement, tired of reading books on the subject, I am recently divorced, that doesn't brother me, I have the kids, but the bills my ex ran up keep on rolling in, got a court summons yesterday for one of her bills, got them all paid off except three, but difficult to work when your head is ready to explode, this is also tax time, got to get that done, no mercy from the IRS, woke up last night with a real bad cold on top of my virus, and yes, the CH's, four years ago I was hit head-on while on my bike, flew 40 feet and have unrepairable torn ligaments from head to toe, my ex, suffering from a mental disease applied for a divorce at that time, don't think you will get rich in an insurance settlement, all my medical bills that were paid by my health insurance was taken off the top, I never recovered my lost wages plus expensive experts had to be hired for the court battle, man do we have a screwy legal system.

I note others have lost their jobs on this site due to HC's and I wonder what keeps them going, is God trying to say something and is there anyway to find him outside of reading a book? I had to put my best friend to rest recently, a German Shepherd dog that was hit with an incurable spinal disease, I held him on my lap while the vet gave him the lethal injection, I cried, but was happy that he died very peacefully while in my arms, does God want us to keep on going? Why was it okay for me to put my dog to rest, he had feelings, emotions, felt pain, gave love, perhaps better than any human I have ever met, forgive me for going on, tired and a rough night, no sympathy please, I feel like I just need reasons.

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