I'll try again Jack ........

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Posted by Dave ( on February 17, 2000 at 00:46:28:

In Reply to: I love each and everyone one of you guys and gals posted by Jack on February 16, 2000 at 17:13:08:

Come on now, you know you are just trying to shake everyone up right? It must be kind of fun
for you. And yes, I still think it's the same as
Andy Kauffmans ploy. Throw 'em a bone and watch 'em chew on it. Then sit back and enjoy all
the fuss. You are though, very good at it.
You make just enough points that are true (although we can read them on the side of any cigarette package) to be able to say "I am right."
However, in your quest of self righteousness, you
lose track and over indulge your views.
Yes, before I wrote this I went back and read your
earliest postings to the board. And yes, you too did not have all the answers. Since you now have them, mind if we do a little discerning for ourselves?
Your "Gospel" is not my gospel. In fact, you took one of your "facts" off the earlier list and now say " There is no real controlled studies on clusters and smoking".
We all know the risks of smoking.
How about caffine?
How about MSG?
How about Gilligan's Island?
And many many more!
They're all harmful to a degree, so I must assume you eat and do everything that is perfect.
Otherwise, you wouldn't be calling people names for their "bad" habits. Check your closet!
Oh, I left out another one..let's see..oh yes..I believe it is called Verapamil.
Hmmm..side effects: Constipation, allergic reactions, insomnia, anxiety and fatique.
Yep, now there's a "healthy" life style. Great stuff for the body!
Now, I'm not knocking anyone who finds this works as preventative drug, but may I remind you
there as many here who say it didn't work for them as there are for whom it did.
My point though is this, anyone who takes any pharmacuetical drug has no right to tell others they are leading unhealthy lives! That includes myself as well!
Three simple answers are not going to do it!
If they do for you, then I am truly truly happy for you and only wish the best for your continued success.
But please, in the meantime, understand what works for one, doesn't work for all.
Try posting something positive for a change, by the way...that's part of healthy living too!
You may find it's just as satisfying to have people enjoy your post as you think it is to encourage dissension.
I hope you don't take this as a flame, it is not intended to be. Merely a request to let us work together, listen to others opinions, and choose what is right for us.
We're adults, we can manage.
God~speed my friend!
(oh...love ya too Jack) : )

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