Thanks for your advice everyone, some results ,,,,,,,,

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Posted by Miss (Honey) Nut ( on February 17, 2000 at 05:14:11:

Just wanted to update you all on our little (huge for us) experiment. But first a word from our Sponsors…um…I mean Greg sorry, still a little on the sleep deprived side…..Greg says "I think Margi and Mike are trying to drown me! Riccardo you look and sound like my Father in law, he was a great guy and I loved him very much, your sense of humor is just like his, he wanted written on his tomb stone…’hey, don’t you have anything better to do than stand there staring at dead people!’ Thanks for all your great advice and comic relief! To everyone else,…you are amazing PFDAN to all! (took me along time to figure out what the hell that meant!"

Now from me: Miss (Honey)Nut…I read all your posts to Greg regarding the leave him alone thing. Though he insisted that he wants me there all the time, I convinced him to try otherwise in the hopes that it would not be as bad like you all said, if I wasn’t there and he could do as he needed. WELL….not good! We did it and it was the longest one yet! :( Bad, Bad thing! I gave him the whole livingroom, kitchen, hall and bathroom. I was in the family room, completely separate so he couldn't see me and I couldn't hear him. All he had to do was open the door though if he needed me. Bad, Bad thing!

So we have gone back to the old ways. I guess thanks to the MS we have just learned to do it like this. Greg has had to do for me what most couples don’t have to do until they are nearing their 80’s. There are times that I am in so much pain that it feels like….yah, I have to explain pain to you people, anyway during a flare up I also have no bladder (nor sometimes bowel) control, can’t speak and can only cry. My mind is clear, (well as clear as Miss Honey Nut gets! :) but there is no way for me to communicate what I want or need. Somehow Greg just instinctively knows that my left leg needs to be rubbed, or moved. That my arm is on fire, my foot is crapping, my diaper needs changing….he just knows and the same goes for me with him. He doesn’t have to ask for ice, hot packs, where to rub,…I just kind of know what to do, not that it helps all the time but somehow it’s just a comfort. As he said, it hurts too much to be alone, and lonely on top of that. So no more of that nonsense… NOT that your advice is nonsense. We welcome all suggestions and are open (as you can see) to try anything! I stay very calm while it is going on even when he starts to cry and ask me to forgive him...I am just calm and go about doing my thing with him. However, it's after that I loose it. I guess holding it all in for so long during the attack makes it just explode after. Hence my posts are sometimes alittle on the emotional side. (was that an understatement??:)

Greg has been laid off since Dec. 13 which is bad financially but good for the CH timing. So we are together all day. So when I say everytime I see him I had him a glass of water, rest assured Margi he is drinking A LOT of water hence his certainty that you and Mike are trying to drown him. ;)(isn’t that handy how he blames you and not me!) The good news is (and yes there is some) he has had a lot but they are very short, except for the one that I deserted him with……everybody say AWWWWW Poor Greg! :) Other than that one, they have all been less than an hour long. Some only 5 min. Yahoo! Still not getting much sleep cause what they lack in duration and severity they are making up for in quantity. He is taking the three gravol 75mg before bed still. Did Mike sleep laying down with this last bout? This is impossible for Greg. We have made a nest on the couch for him and that’s the only way he can get any sleep at all by sitting up.

Well the only thing else that I wanted to say, yes then I am done, is that I am so grateful to all of you. I can vent and not have to worry about you saying, "come on it can’t be that bad." Or "Chin up, it’s only a headache or two." Which is what we get from many people. You guys know all about it and don’t dismiss nor diminish our pain cause as one of you so appropriately put it, it’s going on in houses across the world and you all GET IT! It’s just good to let it go sometimes in a safe friendly environment! So thanks again for listening to my ranking’s.

Love M

PS Riccardo, thanks for the definition of NUT as Honey…My Dad used to call me Honey girl and when we saw your picture, you looking so much like him it filled me with a great peace. I lost my Dad 12 years ago and miss him very much. Your sense of humor and English is so much like him, it, well you are very comforting to me no matter what you say! :) big hug and kiss for you!

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