Another ten minutes in the hole

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Posted by Carl D ( on February 17, 2000 at 15:12:49:

Hey gang,
How is it going for you? I am terrible (so what is new?) Going crazy (Still nothing new) and my head wont stop "aching." Today has been a real drag. I actually 'ate' some acetominaphin today (yummy) just to get it to work faster. I was shadowing for awhile, got hit with a CH (10+) and coming out of it have been shadowing HARD. I am still adjusting to the new way of doing things. It sucks I cannot respond to each post that I read and wanna respond personally to, but as I told Drummer on the phone yesterday, I just opened a bunch of posts, minimized them, went offline, and opened them up one at a time, reading each one with much intensity. Drummer said it might be confusing to try and answer the different posts all in my one-off a day dealie, but here goes:
I agree.
No. not yet.
Thank You.
Jonny, is there any place you DON't have ink?
I don't know for sure.
I agree.

Ok, maybe that doesn't work too well, but what can you do? Riccardo, please give me the address of the thingymajig you referred to where I can upload the whole webpage and read it offline. It would be nice to be able to read all of the posts again instead of randomly selecting some in my helter-skelter fashion.
WHERE'S DJ? - Hey man, how ya doin? Let me know, ok?
Susan....really? You think I look like Ed from "LIVE"? I have a video of an old band I was jammin with where I was singing, no hair or goatee - and everybody that has seen the tape says I ripped Ed off as far as looks and stage presence goes, but I never even seen "LIVE" live until way after those jam sessions.
Actually, I am completely bald once more and letting my goatee grow to my belly-button (still got a long way to go though.)
I had a 4 1/2 inch long goatee, but then I learned the hazards of blowing out a votive candle too close!!!!OUCH!!!!

Hey Drummer, wheres the E-mail? I looked in my box and it wasn't there. What are you an idiot or something?

Bob P, I love the Clusterhead page. One scary thing is that I have got a mental picture of so many people by just reading the board and trying to gather a little of thier personality through thier writing - and some of them are just as I envisioned them (except I thought Jonny might have a three foot beard to go with all of that ink and thought that Susan might resemble Xena.)

Well guys, I'd like to write all day, but my chili is burning (Chilly-burning---get it?) My head is a mess, I spent too much time on the book yesterday so I am taking a slight break and delving back into my latest pastime - THE SHINING - from Stephen King. I usually try not to read when I am doing my own writing, especially the book, but hey, there are 24 hours in a day, I am tortured for approximately 2 - 8 of those hours, sleep maybe one or two, so what do you do when you have nowhere to go or nothing better to do? Playing guitar gets old after an hour or so, TV sucks, can only spend 10 minutes online so...... I read.

Now if I were a pig...

Carl D "FREEk"

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