Mr. Drummer and Mr. Dave and Mr. Riccardo

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Posted by Candice (Monique's daughter, the older one, the perfect one...just kidding) ( on February 17, 2000 at 19:45:50:

Dear Mr. Drummer. I am a drummer too and I love your set! It is amazing. I am writting to you to thank you for helping me but I guess you don't know that you did. I have some friends that were given me a really hard time at school about my dad's headaches, cause it interfered with stuff we usually do. My Mom printed off the first page with the people telling what a bad one is like. I gave it to some of them to read. Most of them were very understanding and things are better but some are really idiots and just kinda sluffed it off. When my Mom found your website we saw the last page and laughed so hard it hurt. She printed it off and I took it to school today and gave it to the people that were still being idiots and told them that this is why they don't get it, cause they have thier heads so far up thier, well you know, and that if they didn't stop and come out and see that there is more people out here then just them, then their face would end up looking like the face next to it. So it worked pretty good. So thanks. I talk alot like my Mom don't I?! :)

Dear Mr. Dave, that was so cool for you to think of me writting to that girl. I am going to do it for sure when I get home this weekend and I know it will probably help us both. It's really good to talk to people that have the same problems. My Mom and Dad really like talking to all of you. They are doing better this time with the stress stuff than they have ever done that I can remember. Thanks to you too!

Dear Mr. Riccardo, I love you. You look just like my Opa did and I miss him so much and your so sweet to my Mom. I think your great and when you come to canada you have to come stay with us. We live on a lake and I think you would like it here. Long as my dad doesn't have his head aches then. Thanks for looking like Opa and being so nice! :)

Love to you all Candice

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