Chemical sensitivity

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Posted by NicholasD ( on February 17, 2000 at 19:49:03:

Some of my doctors think I may be crazy, but I know for a fact my kind of CH's are caused by chemical sensitivity, when I was 30, there was a chemical explosion at work, I have no idea what it was, but it knocked me out cold, when I awoke later in a hospital, my sinuses were about tripple their size and I looked like an alien for outer space, when I went back to work, got the cold shoulder treatment, my time sheets were forged like I never missed any time, and no one would answer questions, the only thing I know is it was some new kind of epoxy that was taken off the market. I quit that job, my new job and office gave me plenty of headaches, thought it was a hangover from my last job, but I learned that a blueprint machine located next to me was venting it's ammonia into my office, I complained about that, got a new office in a different section of the plant, and that stopped the headaches at work. In another incident, I woke at 3:00 AM with a severe headache, nose plugged and all that, this was before I got the oxygen concentrator, so I got my dog and drove north of town, below zero weahter windows wide open until my nose starting draining breaking the headache, when I came home, I noticed in the moonlight, a smoke trail from the hospital incinerator heading directly at my home, so I stopped in and complained about their incinerator, they burn tons of plastics that generate phosgene gas that is yet another trigger, they let a doctor look at me for free if you can believe that, my worse headaches is when Land O' Lakes dumped their cleaning solution into a manure pit of my neighbors that was spread around my home, that was a double cluster, both right and left sides of my head were about ready to explode, also found that Land O' Lakes has strong political pull in Wisconsin so could not get the DNR to stop this practice, sold my home and moved out of there, chlorine was the cluprit here

Could give a lot more examples about chemically induced headaches, I get severe CH's where others don't by being exposed to the same concentration, I know that something is wrong with me, but have no idea what it physically is, but recently chemical sensitivities is coming to light, my clinic finally agrees that they exist. Just want to point this out to some of you, watch your environment, the direction of wind, etc. and note if anything is different when you have your headaches then when you don't.

The strangest cause of a headache was my 1973 Zenith TV set, it used an open coil high voltage transformer that was generating ozone gas that causes headaches, now high voltage devices have an ozone filter, but if they are not changed, this could be another possibility, I could not spent more than 20 minutes in that room with that Zenith TV, felt my nose stuffing up and that old familiar pain drifting across from my right forehead back to my ear. If you think I am crazy about triggers, let me know, took me awhile to learn what my triggers are.

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