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Posted by Bob P ( on February 18, 2000 at 10:13:27:

In Reply to: Seratonin posted by glenn on February 18, 2000 at 08:51:32:

Both the Dr.s, Goadsby and Greg say CHers have too much 5-HT (serotonin). The only article I've found on this say we have elevated platelett levels and lowered serum levels. Now, I always though we didn't have enough because the meds that work (the triptans) are 5-HT agonists, ie. they act like or do the same job as the triptans. So I figured we don't have enough and the triptan is filling in. Not long ago I read that the triptans attach to the neuron 5-HT receptor sites, this leaves more of the 5-HT floating around in the area between the neurons, which makes the body think it has plenty and therefore stop producing it. We know that attaching things (triptans) to certain site (I think the 1A and 1D sites but I'd have to check on that) causes the sooth mucsle surrounding the blood vessels to constrict, thereby stopping the headache.

The reason the sleeping pills promote 5-HT production is because Melotonin is made from 5-HT. Normal people convert 5-HT to melotonin and store it during the day. At night the hypothalamus says, beddy bye time and tells the brain to dump it's load of Melotonin thereby sending in search of some cool sheets. Clusterheads don't get this spike of melotonin at night. Out melotonin level is flatline, 24/7. This is another thing that points me back to the hypothalamus malfunctioning.

So anyway, I don't know anymore. Up is down, black is white, CH sucks.

Bob P

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