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Posted by Monique ( on February 20, 2000 at 19:04:59:

In Reply to: mushroom info posted by Dennis O'C on February 20, 2000 at 16:49:05:

Good day everyone, first off let me say thanks to Den for this great post! Nice work and very good info. I agree with being careful and I am sorry about this, first time on the computer doing this sort of thing and I should have been more discreet.
Now on to the results of our research:
We were given approx 1 1/2 teaspoons of dried stems/no caps.
We diluted it quite a bit since this is something that niether one of us had ever done and we were not sure as to how Greg would react to it. Mixed with four cups of water, put into boiling water and simmered for 15 minutes. He had a bad one comming on and he drank. He was in full swing and sitting rocking back and fourth crying and moaning for about 10 minutes. He began to get very concerned that it wasen't doing anything (we had such hope, I know been told before not to put all our eggs in one basket! :) He then began to complain about being cold, very cold, rocking with his head clenched in his hands from a sitting up position to his head on his knees and up again, moaning, "oh God, oh God" then he came up and said "oh MY GOD!" It was gone, between being in an upright position and rocking forward to his knees it disappeared! He was rubbing his head and smiling and wiping tears away, and saying "I can't believe I was just suffering sooo much! It's gone, completely, it's gone!" Big smiles, lots of hugs and kisses, much celebrating and then the giggles set in! :) Many many giggles and then a few halucinations when he closed his eyes he saw houses with different coloured lites on them and didn't like that until I told him to enjoy the show. He was fine then. We went to bed and slept soundly for about 6 hours. He then woke up with another wopper. I gave him the remaining 1 1/2 cups (he had had about that in the first place sorry I missed that. we lost about a cup in the boiling process.) Within five minutes he again was in excruciating pain and then BANG gone. Cold first then it goes. This time not completely he still had the shadow (heavy shadow he said)There were distinct changes in the headache itself. The stabbing pain in behind his eye was not as severe, somehow masked more so that if felt like it was not being shoved out of your head and not as intense. What he usually used was ice on his head and back of his neck, but this made it worse now, heat helped, he warmed his hands on a heated bean bag and then held them to his face. Pysically of what I could see, there were also marked differences in that his eye did not water as much, his nose was not running, and the eye did not bulge or get blood shot. The other difference was that his eye did not droop.
We had no more left so before we went back to bed I poured more boiling water over the remnants and left it on the stove (no heat) while we slept. Two hours later he was up again. Keep in mind now how diluted this mixture has now become. Again I gave him a cup (3/4 full was all there was) and he drank it back. Again within five minutes it was gone. That was approx. 6:00am and he decided not to risk bed again. He has been CH free since, but still has the shadow, not as bad now. We are not giving up on this though we have no more now until monday or tuesday, It works better than Imetrix (and no side effects) As far as the feelings go it is a "real body stone" and he found that more difficult to deal with than anything. He thinks the next time would be better now that he knows what it's like. Yup we will get more, but again in very small quantities only what we need for one pot. Might just try the under the tongue thing.

So, in conclusion it is NOT as good as I had hoped, but as you all have probably notice, I do tend to get alittle excited. (overly?!:) But at the very least where he should be going through daily hell with non stop, mere hour or two between for the next four weeks, he is certainly doing better. And I can tell you this, the giggle fit was infectious and much needed for all of us. (yup the kids were well informed of what we were going to do and how and why and based on what and were very supportive, though a wee bit shocked :)

So that's all the info. in as much detail as I can give. I think, as Dr. Russo put it, my research was superficial indeed, but without being a Dr. or even remotely educated in this area (or for that matter any other:) It wasn't too bad I think. At least it got ya'll listening and looking into it. We are on the right track in my opinion. I don't know for certain scientifically why it works but I do know BEYOND a doubt that it DOES work! I saw it with my own eyes and nothing, and I mean nothing has come close to working this well for Greg in 20 years.
So having wrote another book on this board...I am going to get to be know as Miss blabber mouth soon, I bid you all a good night and pray, some day soon there will be a break through and all of us will enjoy PFDAN forever more.
Love to you all and thanks for your support
PS Maybe we should put together a link where we could donate to Dr. Russo's research. Or maybe Den could find an address for him where we could send some money for his research?

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