My turn in the barrel?

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Posted by Todd ( on February 20, 2000 at 20:19:42:

Hi folks-
Had a somewhat strange experience this morning. Was out mowing the lawn on a beautiful 55 degree (F) day. Just as I finished and wheeled the mower back to the garage, I got hit with a 15-20 second jab. About a K-4.

I've had a few shadows over the past few months, and the onset of these 'mini-jabs' is usually my indicator that another cycle is about to start. BUT...I'm typically every 2 years. My last few, however, have been out of synch. '93, then '95 then '96 then '99. From every 2 years, I went 2-1-3. Here it is just one year later, and I got a serious warning sign today.

Those who know me know that I've been going through a never-ending divorce. Perhaps the constant high stress is a factor? Any tie-in to seratonin here, BobP?

Anyway, the point to this is this:
Should I try Verapamil and if so, how soon, given that one warning doesn't make a trend?
I love the O2 idea, but the thought of dragging a big green tank up to my office for what might turn out to be a false alarm embarasses even me.
I can easily get my Imitrex tab script refilled with no questions asked and 80% covered by insurance. I can also get Amerge without any trouble.

Ok, stop laughing. Yes, I rarely have trouble making decisions and choosing a stance, but I'm really stuck here.

Stick with the proven or try something that might be even better? If I had access to the magic mushrooms, I'd drink tea in a heartbeat, but I'd refill my Imitrex script just in case.

Oh, here's one more piece of data that may affect the Verapamil choice (gotta ask my doc). I have a congenital heart murmur that rarely means a thing. Every once in a blue moon, I get palpitations. Makes me lightheaded and shaky, but doesn't really mean anything. This just happened to me 2 nights ago. Connection? Coincidence?

Also open to any suggestions as to how to deal with a 10 while sharing a house with someone who would love to see me suffer and go out of her way to aggravate the situation.

Oh, and Rusty should have won.

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