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Posted by Miguel ( on February 20, 2000 at 21:31:10:

K, here it goes again, another wild thought and episodics:

So, it seems that episodics might be in somewhat in synch

Episodes appear more common toward Dec-Feb,
Apr-Jun and Aug - Oct among those that experience them
several times/yr.

So, what happens during those times of the year?

Sensitivities to smells and chemicals - Appears as well
that we seem to have a hypersensitivity to smells,
chemically derived aromas, be it paper, chlorine, nitrosamines,
perfume, etc.

What happens during those times of the year?...hmmmm

How about...fertilization of every @#$#!@% beautiful-but
deadly-looking lawn, farms, etc. Lots of airborn fertilizer
particles in the neighborhoods, on the road, everywhere.

Also, another nagging q: Do you get them after mowing
the lawn (or your green thumb neighbor(s))?

Additionally, pets...naw, no dander, but the pestizides
we put on them to get rid of the fleas and ticks...The
one drop deal must be heck of bug killer, but I wonder
how much of CH trigger it might be.

I am wondering which component in alcoholic beverages
contributes to CH. Something in common to everyone here
Booze is known to have an enormous amount of fatty acids, esters,
several types of alcohol, yeast residues (wines), and a myriad of
other chemicals. Now, why so intense, quick acting,
effective, and common among CH'ers?

Has anyone experienced CH attack after drinking
denatured 100% EtOH? Not 100 proof, but 200 proof
(the "other" definition of 100% Alc. by Vol.).

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