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Posted by Kenn ( on February 21, 2000 at 19:05:33:

In Reply to: Attn: Rider, BobP, Kenn, Annie, Monique, John B and others posted by Flash on February 21, 2000 at 06:33:25:

Just so you know, I do not recommend nor do I advocate the use of any illegal substance, including those mentioned herein.
My attorney told me to say that. He also wanted me to mention that postings on this or any other board can be determined to be "anecdotal" and not legal grounds for harrasment by the established authorities. Actually, he would love to have a case like that, not only for the lawsuits he would file but for the publicity showing the ignorance and foolishness of the drug laws in this country, not to mention the incredible harm these laws cause.
My experience with Psilocybin/Psilocin, et all, had been consistently postive from the start (1975). I took it upon myself to learn something about mycology, got me a pile of books, an excellent microscope and the help of experts in the matter.
I can identify any of the psychoactive species found in the Pacific Morthwest by all criteria, including spore print ID and cellular examination. I recommend that anyone who desires ongoing relief from their cluster pains become familiar not only with the ones we might have used but with the look-alikes and others which could prove harmful (not that I expect any of you to actually USE them, you understand.)
But, each of the ten times I have used these wonderful substances they have not only aborted the headache occuring at the time, but the cycle has ended pretty much on the spot and stayed dormant for at least several weeks, usually months. Others from our old pain management group have had similar results. Timing is not always the same for everyone, but none of the others have had any regrets about using them. One of these was the pastor of a church I attended.
LSD and Psilocybin have been used in times past with great success in pain clinics in the USA and elsewhere. And, treatments for more than a hundred other ailments have included them as well.
To arbitrarily make them illegal and to attach criminal motives to their use is in itself a crime in the thinking of those who understand these substances and their potential for great good.
Still, I am not advocating their use nor their distribution, etcetera and so forth, yawn...

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