I have had a lot of time to think!

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Posted by Elaine ( on February 22, 2000 at 19:59:48:

I have thought about my family the people on this board and all the pain and suffering we all do from clusters. I have asked my self-things about life as (realist) did last night on the board!
Why do things happen as they do? Why are there mean people in the world and hungry people in the world, poor people, sick people and why can’t I do everything and help them all? Do I not have faith what is faith?
I love to read and last night I came across this and want to share it with you.

Faith is to believe what we do not see, and the reward of faith is to see what we believe. Written by Saint Augustine.

The other is called!


‘On the street I saw a small girl cold and shivering in a thin dress, with little hope of a decent meal. I became angry and said to my God: Why did you permit this?
Why don’t you do something about it? For a while God said nothing. That night he replied, quite suddenly: I certainly did something about it. I made you!
Author Unknown

That answered my questions. One and more people are researching clusters now. We have OUCH getting the word out. There is hope and I do have faith. Listen to the country song unanswered prayers it tells a lot of whys in that song about life. We have to look for the answer. For people who don’t believe in God you don’t have to, just believe in yourself and your ability to change just one thing. Did you know just one kind word has saved many form death. Maybe they were down or angry at the world, killing themselves was going though their mind but someone took the time to say something kind and they didn’t do it, the next day they were thankful to you. For saying that kind word and for not lashing out at them for being so weak, You never knew it because I did not tell you. To me that makes each one on this board very important. We may fuss and fight some may have cluster and other migraines, some may like Mrs Hollomans class and some may not, but when the chips are down everyone is there for the person who is down. I know you were there for me.

I didn’t have any good reason for this post just had all this on my mind and felt like posting it sorry for rambling.

Yesterday I think I dropped everything I tried to pick up! Looks like I am going to have to buy new dishes. When I saw Drummers post I just wrote the first thing that came to mind. I thank you all for checking on me to see if I was ok, but you know what I still want some ice cream. LOL a banana split. That sounds good!

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