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Posted by Moniqude ( on February 23, 2000 at 12:04:37:

Has anyone considered that the urge to pace and rock are the result of the the fact the the entire thing does indeed stem from the Hypothalamus? It is also responsible for the "fight or flite" impulses and having decided to try some different approaches with this last bout, Greg tried to sit (laying down was not something he would even consider) but having read something that specific chemicals are released that help to prompt the "fight or flite" response when you breath in only the upper lobes of the lungs,indicating to the brain that something is wrong - and conversly that when you deep breath using the lower lobes so that your stomach expands indicating to the brain that all is right and well with the world, the opposite chemicals are released in the Hypothalamus, he tried it. Difficult as it was (and I don't have to tell any of you how hard the idea of sitting still and deep breathing is in the middle of a 10) he did it. It did indeed help to a degree in that it would lower the intensitiy of the pain to about an 8. I cannot find the article that he read this in (he likely used it in the wood stoves! :) but I think it had something to do with seritonin as well.
Greg says that the pacing is not just an idea, it is much like what we women feel when the time comes to push. It just starts to happen, we can't control it unless we deep breath and concentrate on NOT doing it. Much like the pacing, it just happens. This to me would indicate an instruction from the brain, not a voluntary action.
Ya think?

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