We have a similar Headache Clinic in Marshfield, WI

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Posted by NiholasD ( on February 26, 2000 at 11:22:00:

In Reply to: Diamond Headache Clinic posted by Carol on February 26, 2000 at 10:16:51:

Part of the Marshfield Clinic with over 360 doctors in a town with a population of under 20,000, many of the doctors commute to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN that is quite a joke in one sense, patients that were unhappy with the treatment here went to Mayo only to find the same doctor there. After being on this site for a couple of weeks, practically any medication with exception to this mushroom thing I have in my didn't work worth a damn drawer, when Imitrex first came out, I was one of the first to learn it didn't do a thing for me except make the headaches last longer, seems like all the neuros have the same bag of medications and they are prescribed on a trial and error basis, I think I had more nightmares with the medications than the headaches. Ironically none of my doctors heard of the oxygen concentrator, I learned about that after I got a contaminated tank of oxygen, and my neighbor, a nurse told me about it and how to use it, she's been worth a goldmine to me, even had a doctor come over to my house to see the concentrator, he never saw one before, sure glad I had that thing this morning, woke up with a 7, tossed cold water in my face, coated my nose and knocked that sucker out in about 15 minutes, I hate taking medications, but have no problem in getting any medication I want, hate even more trying a new medication, don't know if it will cause a heart attack or give relief, speaking from experience here. I like this site, great place to learn what's new, also learned very quick that what works for one can be a killer for another. My younger sister has clusters, we would call each other whenever we found something that worked, and even tough we are related, what works for her has been poison to me and vice versa so I gather that there are no set rules in this game, if you want to call it a game.

I still feel we are getting junk into our bodies (pollution of one type or another) and the action of the fresh oxygen is to flush it out, why our bodies respond that way to these induced chemicals remains to be a mystery to me, I have learned that simply by leaving the area that this has helped me greatly, the air in Lake Michigan 30 miles out knocks out a cluster in a hurry, too bad I can't use that resource in the winter.

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