1 minor ch in 55 hours.

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Posted by ChgoJack ( on February 28, 2000 at 00:17:59:

Saturday night I was getting ready to go to a party around 6:pm and I started going through the normal progression of my 7:45pm ch. First, the low wave intermitant cluster pulses followed by shadowing in and out of the low range until about 7:30pm when I went into a KIP 4-5.It never progressed past this level. I had already went back to bed with my boots,jacket and everything still on in what I would call a "severe depression". While I laid in bed waitinng for this ch to go into its usual KIP 7-9 range.(10 is reserved only for when I actually go running to the ER.Since my last visit when staff treated me abusively and called the police it will have to be a very,very critical situation before I consider this option again!) I fell asleep, woke-up around 8:pm feeling great, went to the party, after the police were called out around 1:am to break up our "cake and food fight",LOL,we went to a couple of bars. Drank free coke's again all night and played pool.I came home around 4-5am. Its sunday,11:pm, and I havent had a ch attack since saturday night.Before saturday nights attack I went 26.5 hours without an attack. I still get vascular pulsing around my usual attack times but it is like a low level throb.Its not "painful" and it usually doesnt pulse behind my right eye.I would best explain it as a split second vascular contraction in my rt hemisphere. In the past I have interpreted low level throbs to be early preludes to a bad ch attack. Even though Ive only had 2 minor attacks since friday, when I was so bad I didnt go to work, The throbs, which couldnt even be called a nuiscance, still send me deep into a foreboding depression until they go away and Im sure it aint turning into a full blown attack! Im still afraid to go to sleep and I'll come up with any reason not to! Since the only time I can go to sleep is when Im completely exhausted Im over-tired all the time.

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