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Posted by Dave ( on February 28, 2000 at 03:04:14:

Hi All,
What a day!
I managed to make it through the night and was able
to pick Annette up at the airport : )
I spent most the night taking boiling hot showers to
try and relax my neck and back enough to meet her
"looking normal" She could see through me though : )
But, she didn't put me in the corner to "think about
what I've done" when she saw the house : )
First thing we did when we got home (uh...okay..uh..second..)was I brought her here and said "you've got to meet my friends!"
Well, first thing we see is that I was lucky enough to
be among the winners of the essay contest. Which, I could hardly believe, I had been trying to figure out how I could scrape up some money to join OUCH, and this was an unexpected blessing. Thank know who you are...for the sponsorship! I just hope everyone here knows that as I wrote that, I've got so much respect and admiration for EVERY one of you, and instead of getting mushy, roasting was my way of saying
you are indeed my friends! I was just getting on a roll
when my "word count" thing told me no more. I would have loved to have added everyone of you...still might at that : )
Well of course it made no sense to Annette, so I went to Bob's page and introduced her to all of you..
Then we went through many posts, which helped explain things about CH that I couldn't tell her.
Then again, I had a hard time explaining "blue balls"
(ahem..Peter?) and assured her that Jayne and some of you other gals have left me for sailpappy : )
She could see why I've become so attached to all of you
and was so glad you are all here for me and each other.
(Now of course as we went through post after post, I couldn't help wonder if she really thought CH causes
brain damage! LOL! )
She could tell I was exhausted and insisted I get some
sleep. So, I made a deal with her. If she would watch me I'd let myself doze off, but the moment I either moved out of position or started REM, she was to wake me. She did well, gently waking me up about every hour.
I ended up getting 6 hours of much needed sleep, and instead of waking to attacks, I'd just have shadows.
So, that worked pretty good. Made her promise to sleep at nights, and I'd wake her if I needed help.
But, hope you haven't packed yet, cause she said I could keep seeing my mistress (you guys) and there was no need for the lush high apartment : ) That's good, cause I would have had to sneak into someone's cellar and steal some things to pay for it, and with my luck,
it'd turn out I'd be caught by a CH'er in a bad mood!
So anyway, I'll still be around, and after she sees
some full blown attacks, she may be here too.
Hey! She's mine tho! : )
Thanks for being here, ALL of you!

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