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Posted by Dave ( on February 28, 2000 at 04:43:25:

In Reply to: March 2k Discover Magazine article posted by Todd Owen on February 27, 2000 at 07:23:41:

...Have to admit I was again disappointed. Guess
I'm just so tired of looking anywhere and everywhere for any new information on CH. There
was none here. Basically just about six pages I think we could sum up as:
"People have headaches, why? we don't know, we
think there must be reasons, but don't know what
they are."
Although Todd, I do agree that at least in their
brief mention of CH, they did relay how expensive
medications are and the battle with insurance companies.
I'll copy what I think was the best part of the article tho:
From: The Pain is in the Brain (Discover)
Doctor's are begining to fight back. They have formed the National Headache Consortium-with Silberstien as cochairman-to establish standards for care and treatment of headache patients. "Right now, anyone who wants to can open a headache clinic-and I mean anyone, whether a medical doctor, a chiropractor, or a spiritual advisor", says Silberstien. With tougher standards, that could change. But if stricter prescription protocals are instituted, doctors and hospitals will have the clout to force insurance companies to cover the costs of the treatments they recommend, according to Silberstien. "No insurance company is going to argue when the world's entire medical establishment is united against them," he says.
Until then, patients are left to sort out their own treatments, battle insurers, and wait for the next phase of reasearch for better drugs.

(Okay...and another part that makes ya go Hmmmm..)

(On CH):
Goadsby doesn't know yet if the brain cells involved are bigger than those in normal patients or if there are simply more of them; that would require the dissection of a brain. "We have a few older patients with cluster headaches we're looking after," he says, "but it's clear right now that the central nervous system is where the action is."

(Looking after?..Hmmm...I can just imagine these poor old guys in their little rooms with the doctors like vultures swooping around checking in too see if they are dead yet).

In my studies, I think I find myself getting more and more cynical about the true nature of all this so called research. And think it's about time I say what I really think. First off, migraines would have the priority over CH in research right? Now, consider the consequences of finding that cure. Pharmaceuticals are one of the top leaders of money making in the stock market. What do you suppose would be more important to the whole realm of people surrounding this issue? The grants given to researchers who in turn create new drugs to put out on the market where all involved make loads of money and can continue to do so for many many years, or all of us lab rats who they have running through mazes after drug after drug after drug?
Just my opinion.
If you get a chance, Todd's right though, it is at least an interesting article.
(Who must be getting really frustrated) ; )

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