yet another trigger, ozone

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Posted by Trigger Happy NicholasD ( on February 28, 2000 at 15:38:41:

If my post bore you, tell me to jump in lake, and when summer comes, I'll accomodate you, as a CH sufferer, not much alternatives, see my doc and get drugged like a zombie or kill myself with blood pressure pills, have not run across a single medication on this site with exception of the mushroom tea and LSD that I have not tried.

Anyway my good neighbor knows I have clusters, and sends this door to door salesman to my home, he is selling an Alpine air purifier, comes in the house with this plexiglass aquaium like contraption, opens the lid, lights a candle, closes the lid and the thing fills up with smoke, plugs the unit it and hits a switch and all the smoke disappears just like magic, he leaves one of his units with me and says try it for a week, later, I set it on the counter, turn it on and let the purified air hit my face, in less than ten minutes I have a severe (aren't they all) cluster. Clear the CH with my O2 grab my screwdriver and I open this purifier, not a component in there I didn't recognize, an aquadag TV type high voltage transformer, some chicken wire for a screen, a cheap shorted turn fan and a handful of electronics to drive the transformer, grabbed my VTVM and measured the output voltage, a negative 15KV, big deal, this thing with it's tiny fan is moving air through the chicken wire and ionizing it, this action would polarized the house dust (yup me too) and let it stick to the walls, damn thing didn't even have a dust filter on the inside and was nothing more than an ozone generator.

Not that up on ozone, but there are two types, the good ozone and the bad ozone, the good ozone protects us from UV radiation, and the bad ozone is considered by the EPA to be a pollutant, for me, just yet another CH trigger. The guy wanted 800 bucks for this thing, no I didn't buy it, but the interesting thing is that bad ozone is yet another CH trigger. This was some time ago, but taught me a couple of things, first thing I did was to pitch the electronic air filter in my central and go to a hepra type filter, the electronic ran at 9KV and was also an ozone generator, second, I paid more attention to the ozone filters in my office, have a copy machine and three laser printers, all have activated type ozone filters, next thing I check is the HV supplies in my monitors and TV sets, they should be well insulated and designed so that room air can't be ionized, had a 80's Zenith that I gave to good will, because it used an open HV transformer, took me awhile to figure that out as well as I could never watch TV for over 30 minutes without getting a CH, with my new sealed TV, this problem is gone.

Can't do much about my condition, don't know why I am this way, I think I look normal, don't want to be drugged to death, so maybe I am paranoid about triggers, that is the only thing left that I have any control of, my next step is to sell my home, got a spot picked out completely away from industry and dairy farms, figure that's the only way I may get some enjoyment out of life, still read all the new med posts and still looking for that magic pill.

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