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Posted by Dave ( on February 29, 2000 at 06:29:27:

....whoooooo'll stop the pain? : )
Still sitting up here in Denver at 4 in the morning,
tag teaming between 4 and 5 Kippers. So I'll try to bring up something I hadn't noticed before. And wonderin' if anyone else has ever condsidered this?
Okay, my attacks occur on the right side of my head.
During the constant shadows (say Kip 5 or less) I try
to find things to keep me occupied.
I love to do woodwork, and I also love to oil paint.
But I have no desire to do so. That seems strange.
Instead I'll play board games. I wonder if this is due to the left brain/right brain functions?
I am decent chess player during remission periods, but while I'm in my cycle (during the shadow times) my game has greatly increased. It's really kind of weird.
Instead of looking at the board and going over all the possibilities like usual, the logical moves come quick without much effort and my game is better than ever.
The whole time I'm playing I'm holding my head with a hot towel or something and not looking like I'm focusing at all, but the moves just come. My analytical
half of my brain seems more pronounced. But..and this is a big butt...I mean but : )
My opponent after losing game after game looks at me and says "Damn your sharp!"
To which I respond, " You marfeled me blee from uh..huh..yeah..good was one too be fraz mine!" LOL!
Now what's up with this? I know I'm thinking clearly, but as soon as I try to say something I sound like a complete dumbass!
(Course that also gets them setting up the board again right away... LOL)
This seems to work in word games like Upwords or Scrabble and the like.
So, is it possible that because the right brain is basically out of commission, do we use the left side
more than normal? And maybe the opposite for those who have pain on the left, do they tend to be more free and artistic?
Or could I be using no brain at all in bringing this up? : )
Like I said, just a wonderin'?
"Thanks freem liston you me last one for thees!"
Dave : )

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