Had my human growth hormone and testosterone levels tested.

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Posted by NicholasD (bitching) ( on February 29, 2000 at 09:39:02:

In Reply to: The Cluster Headache Equation (ignore if you don't like scientific ramblings) posted by Bobbie P. on February 28, 2000 at 17:15:49:

results came back normal, never had my liver checked, I know there is a test for that because my son gets that done frequently due to his Crohn's medications, I find any kind of test interesting, it there is a deficiency or excess of any body hormone, mineral, or whatever, the dose can be adjusted accurately to make the adjustments, this would certainly beat the shot gun approach so many doctors use, write a prescription that empties your checking account, toss some pills down your mouth, get some strange side effect like a tree branch growing out of your ear, call the doctor, well get off that stuff, we'll try something else, it beats the hell out of me as to how any doctor can make a diagnoses just by looking at you without making any tests, when you ask about tests that you have read somewhere, then you are a smart ass patient or the tests are inconclusive or in the case of HMO's too expensive, am I being critical on the medical profession? I hope that I am, have two drawers loaded with prescriptions that didn't work and this would only be part of it as for a long time was just flushing the meds down the toilet, yeah I asked my pharmacists about getting my money back, no way, now I try to get samples or a prescription for a couple of days to try the stuff first before getting a second mortgage on my home, trying to solve a problem without knowing what the problem is seems to be the medical game particulary in the CH area, hope you come up with something, the only thing more frustrating than a CH is trying to get treatment for it.

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