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Posted by sailpappy ( on March 02, 2000 at 13:50:13:

In Reply to: Time saving techniques developed because of CH syndrome! posted by sailpappy on March 02, 2000 at 11:38:51:

I decided to just go ahead and post it to the board, I know it's a little off the wall, But at least it's not chocking the chicken! I seem to remember that some where recently.
If you try it and like it you can send contributions to the Sailpappy's new liver fund!

Sailpappy’s Lemon-Pepper Baked Chicken

First the vow of silence-You’ll be tempted to tell everyone you know about this so please just enjoy it and keep my secret-I’m trying to beat Ken Popel to the market with this one!

You will need some equipment and I’ll address the Chicken only as I’m sure you know how to prepare your side dishes so they come out at the same time as the entrée?

#1 you need a microwave oven in the 1.5 cb.ft. Microwave or larger!
#2 You need 2ea. Identical, 1 quart serving bowls-either Stoneware or Pyroglass (Do not attempt to use Plastic) Each bowl must have the rim(lip) of the bowl smooth without eared handles or spouts.
#3 2ea. Oven mitts or pot holders
#4. A bottle of your favorite, (Lawerlys) Lemon Pepper seasoning.
(This is a dry spice technique, if you use Bar-b-Que Sauce you must place an additional catch tray under the bowls while cooking)
#5 A 3 to 5 lb. Whole Fryer or Baking hen. (Larger Birds require more time and larger bowls)

Remove the chicken from the wrapping and remove the Neck and Gizzard pack from the cavity, also any packing material.

Place the whole chicken into one of the bowls, it should fill the bowl to the point you’ll think the other bowl won’t fit on top.

(Option 1-if you like the wing portion with the 2 bones then fold the wings under and behind the chicken like it crossing it’s arms behind itself. If you don’t the outer section of the wing tip will be tough and chewy, if you do it will be fall apart tender and supple)

Sprinkle the spice all over the bird in a generous manner. Lifting the leg portion out to get everywhere spiced.

Place the second bowl inverted upside down over the first bowl where the rims are touching. Line them up as close as possible
Place into the Microwave oven and cook on high for 25 minutes (turntable is not required for this to work.) for a 3 to 4 lb’er and 28 min for a 4 to 5 lb’er.

At the end of the 25 minutes your Rice and Veggies should be all ready to go, your table set and Tea and Bread on the table.

Pull the two bowls out of the Micro wave and use “”EXTREME CAUTION”””, use the oven mitts and remove the top bowl by tipping it toward you (This way the steam that escapes will be away from you and you wont burn you little nose smelling the wonderful aroma the comes out too!

With a Meat Fork, lift the chicken out of the bowl slowly and pour out the fluid that is trapped in the cavity and place the Chicken on a serving platter.

Then go consume your 30-minute meal.

I’ve shared this with a few people and none have even bothered to try it. My Family will not eat Oven Baked chicken any longer because it comes out too dry!

There is also a second time saving benefit by this method and when you have to clean up the bowls you’ll see what I’m talking about-No Scrubbing at all, Just a quick wipe out with a dish rag and stick it in the dishwasher.

I’ve never calculated the total savings in time and energy but I know it’s substantial. I’ve got a great way to do a 12-lb. Turkey in 1 hour and 45 min.’s if you are interested. (Not Microwave)

Anyway enjoy and Bon appetite! Your Friend in Naples,

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