When I have a cluster I touch myself....

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Posted by Carl D ( on March 03, 2000 at 08:37:04:

With a sledgehammer about the head and face: Fast, furious, and continuosly!!!

Seriously, I have sore fingers from pressing on my head and neck, and I also have tennis elbow from holding my head. I have a really bad toothache right now too. I am shadowing and just plain 'ole pissed off! I have no meds, I have no doc, I have no life!!! The only thing I am left with is one form or another of pain! I cannot be in a good mood right now, so please excuse me.

The book is doing better than I am. It is probably benefitting from my misery. I am still on chapter two and nearing it's completion, which will force me to begin chapter three - oh why does it have to keep going like this...this chaptering thing? I do not feel at ease unless I finish a chapter, but then I am alone again and am forced to start another chapter and pretty soon - I will be in chapter hell!!!
Actually, struggling through a spot at the moment. This is a harder task than I ever imagined. How do you portray everyday life and not make it boring, and yet not so over-exciting that it is unbelievable? I am right in the middle of Mundane Lane and Anticipated Ave.

I cannot seem to figure these stupid CH's out. They follow no pattern whatsoever, and just when it feels like I am slacking off for a couple of days, I start getting slammed hard as ever.

Does anyone else have the problem of thier head being extremely sore in spots while not having an attack? I seem to be in pain 24/7 nowadays; whether its an all day round 2 on the whimp scale, to a full blown 10 1/2 on the kip scale (that is when you are ready to blow your brains out, but accidentally shoot someone else because you can't keep the gun steady.)
I don't know. I would like to say that I have a clue, but right now I haven't the foggiest notion. Trying to dig for enough lint to get some acetominaphin, ibuprofen, ketoprophin - or anything ending with 'fin', except Phen phen. Sure it does nothing for clusters, but does wonders for general aches and sore spots. Maybe it would even help my toof. I know that in times of desperation, I have sat and eaten Tylenol to try and make it work faster. Maybe it is all psycological and Tylenol actually does nothing. In that case, I will eat two M&M's and tell myself it is Tylenol - just with a chocolaty taste. Mmmmm. I feel better already....

Peace, love and painkillers,

Carl D

P.S. - I am sooo goofy right now. I was getting some sleep for awhile, and then none, and then a little, and then a little more, and then none, and now - I've been up for over thirty hours again and I am afraid to lie down after the last couple of tries.

Does anyone else feel it building right after your head hits the pillow?

P.P.S. - Where is Elaine?

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