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Posted by Dave ( on March 04, 2000 at 06:22:25:

In Reply to: Don't you wish you didn't look so healthy the rest of the time? NT posted by Don Pearson on March 04, 2000 at 04:21:54:

Hi Don,
I think I understand where you are coming from.
When I first read the post title I kinda went
But, I think there is something there. I'm sure everyone has had something wrong with their car, but when you take it to the mechanic, it doesn't happen? The same seems to happen when I go to an
appointment with the doc. Sad as it is, I kind of
wish I'd have a full blown attack just as he called me into his office. Then I'm sure he'd get
to see and hear everything I try to relate when I see him just during shadows. I did go in once during a bad attack, but of course my doc wasn't there. Just to appease the the guy freaking out in the waiting room (I was practically yelling
"Fine! I'll go over to ER!")...that's the censured version....but anyway, they got another doc to see me. Course, he instantly said I had
TMJ and we should get over and cut my facial nerves off! Bye..see ya..gotta go!
But yeah, looking at the pics on Bob's page, everyone there looks just like normal, healthy people. Scary thing is, what if we did look like
we felt?!!!! I think Bob did a great job of picking the two pics in his site. As I opened it up the first time, I knew instantly we were on common ground. I'm afraid that is how we'd look
if we had an outward showing of what we feel.
Course, people would be running in the streets at
the sight of us.
On the other hand, there is also some relief in seeing what appears to be a bunch of "normal"
looking people. Gotta wonder how we'd of felt if
we opened that page for the first time and it was filled with people who looked like they just came
off the set of Night of the Living Dead?
In a sense, seeing that everyone looks normal, and for the most part seem rather intelligent from the postings, maybe it's best we don't have the outward signs of a disorder. I for one would rather come across as normal, healthy looking, positive attitude, and respected position...then
one of pity. I think by my work history, they know if I'm not there, somethings seriously wrong.
For the others that can't understand, well..screw them!
No, can't say I would want to look unhealthy...
except for the moment I walked walked into my docs
little office, then I'd love to turn into that same beast that dwells in my head and scare the
living $*^%^!! outta him! ; )

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